Poetry Mentorship with Erin Rodoni

Online (Asynchronous) Online - No Live Meetings

In this 9-week mentorship experience, Erin Rodoni will engage with you as a unique poet. In addition to providing detailed critical feedback on your creative work, she will also take into account the arc and scope of your poems, examining the ways in which they are speaking to and building on each other


Advanced Fiction Workshop: Hearts and Minds on the Page

Online (SF Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

Are you hungry for honest, constructive feedback on your fiction? Do you long to be part of a community of writers dedicated to helping one another render (shape, enrich, and enliven) a story the best it can be?


Your Story, Your Life: Memoir & Personal Essays

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

“By writing memoir and personal essays, we give form to our histories and make something of meaning and beauty that is uniquely ours,” says instructor Katharine Harer. "I love this genre because you can be yourself, complete with your idiosyncrasies, strong opinions, flashes of wisdom and crazy moments


Daily Write March Round Robin

Online (Asynchronous) Online - No Live Meetings

Jane Underwood had a unique vision when she developed the Round Robin class. By combining several elements—partnering, repetition, practice, feedback, and dedication—she created not just a writing course, but an actual community, one that has continued and grown for over a decade.


Creating Found Poetry: A Generative Poetry Class

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

In this three-week class, we’ll find and collect words and passages from other pieces of text and mix these and our own words together to experiment with new voices, phrasings, and vocabularies in our own poems

How to Become a Published Author

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

This course is perfect for writers at any stage of their writing life or career (from beginner to advanced) who want a better understanding of how the publishing world works and how to navigate it to their advantage

Fearless Poetry Workshop

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

Now celebrating 19 years at The Writing Salon, this workshop keeps drawing people who want to jumpstart their poetry practice and to keep the engine oiled

Write from Real Life: Personal Essays and Memoirs

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

In this remote class you will plunge into the personal themes that make your real life stories uniquely yours. In the first half of this class, instructor Alison Luterman will give you writing exercises carefully designed to elicit the undertones and overtones that elevate events and anecdotes into the realm of art

Nomad with a Notebook: Writing about Travel

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

Whether you’ve just returned from Paris or Sacramento or you’re dreaming of a trip, this class will help you transform your observations into vivid and lasting images. Katharine will provide tips on how to carefully observe and record your impressions of new places and cultures

Advanced Fiction Workshop: From Seed to Flower

Online (SF Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

Have a finished story draft but don't know where to take it next? Or maybe you have an idea for a story but don't know how to get it on the page. In Advanced Fiction Workshop, students will generate new material and refine already drafted stories

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