“A warm nest that inspires the writer in all of us.”

—Katie S.

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Featured Teacher: Kerry Muir

Your current short film, Madame, is an official selection of the San Francisco Independent Film Festival -- congratulations! Can you tell us a little bit about the process of writing and [...]

Featured Student: Anne Breedlove

Congratulations on the publication of your book Part-Time Nomads! What inspired you to bike the world, and how did you end up writing about it? Friends and relatives who followed our [...]

Featured Teacher: Lisa Moore Ramée

You've published three middle grade novels: A Good Kind of Trouble, Something to Say, and MapMaker. What initially drew you to writing for kids and what do you like most about it? I [...]

Featured Student: Jing Li

You met The Writing Salon founder, Jane Underwood, in 1999. In your memoir, The Red Sandals, you write so beautifully about the moment you met her. Can you tell us about [...]

Featured Teacher: Addie Tsai

You're busy! How do you balance your teaching, writing and other creative and editorial projects? For those who enjoy astrology, my many Earth placements (I'm a Virgo sun, and I [...]

Featured Student: Emily Knight

How has your training as a marine scientist influenced your writing? The language of our oceans, lands, and air has long informed my writing. Marine science unlocked the world – [...]

Featured Teacher: Jeff Chon

What was your process for developing your novel, Hashtag Good Guy with a Gun? I’ve always had a morbid fascination with conspiracy theories. That people believed these silly ideas seemed [...]

Featured Teacher: Preeti Vangani

How would you describe your teaching style? I used to be a brand manager in a previous life, before I moved to the US from Mumbai to study creative writing. [...]

Featured Student: Wendy A. Warren

What inspired you to write your novel? The Butcher’s Apprentice began as a short story for a 2019 writing workshop. I grew up in a rural area near a butcher who [...]

Featured Teacher: Erin Rodoni

Congratulations, Erin! What can you tell us about your just-published 3rd poetry collection, And If the Woods Carry You? And If the Woods Carry You is my third poetry collection. It won [...]

Featured Teacher: Alan Chazaro

How would you describe your teaching style? I’m a first-generation Bay Area Mexican American millennial, and many of my students often tell me that I’m laid back and extremely caring—or [...]

Featured Student: Rowena Leong Singer

Congratulations on winning the contest — How will winning the contest help you and your writing? Thank you! The contest has helped my writing on two fronts. First, it has [...]

Our Latest News

  • Instructors Jennifer Lewis and Shelby Hinte converse at The Creative Independent about giving your creative work the time it needs. 

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  • Instructor Kuang Lee is featured in KTVU Fox 2: Alameda father writes children’s book as gift to daughter, a nod to their Chinese heritage.

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  • Instructor Nina Schuyler’s short story collection, IN THIS RAVISHING WORLD, which won the W.S. Porter Prize and the Prism Prize for Climate Literature, will be published July 2, 2024

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  • Instructor Kerry Muir’s creative nonfiction, Rain Walk, came out in the winter issue of West Branch.

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  • Instructor Kerry Muir’s short film, Madame, is an official selection of the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, and the San Francisco Independent Film Festival.

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  • Writing Salon student Robin Michel published her debut poetry collection entitled Beneath a Strawberry Night Sky with Raven & Wren Press.

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  • The paperback edition of instructor Lisa Moore Ramée’s third book, MapMaker, was released in September from Harper Collins Publishers.

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  • Instructor Cary Groner is delighted to report good news from four of his former students. Kate Keleher went on to earn an MFA from Johns Hopkins and has joined the faculty there as a junior assistant professor. Chelsea Bowlby completed her MFA at Vanderbilt in 2021, and has stories recently published or forthcoming in Story and The Sun. Vanessa Chan earned her MFA at the New School in NYC and will publish her debut novel, The Storm We Made, with Simon & Schuster in January 2024. Finally, Sachiko Ragosta will begin her MFA studies at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop this fall. Congratulations to all!

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