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One-on-One Services


For writers who have a work-in-progress—whether a short story, a group of poems, a novel, a personal essay, or a memoir—and would like feedback on higher order concerns such as theme, style, structure, and voice. Line-editing may also be included.

Mentoring & Coaching

For writers who are stuck or overwhelmed, who would like to find joy and inspiration in their writing practice, or who want thorough guidance and feedback on their writing with the opportunity to establish an ongoing working relationship with a professional writer.

MFA Guidance

For writers who would like coaching and consultation during the MFA selection and application process. Instructors will offer feedback on the application packet as well as on any personal statements or accompanying critical essays.

This branch of The Writing Salon will come to you wherever you are in the Bay Area. Experienced creative writing teachers offer classes and training sessions to private groups, small businesses, and large companies. Chances are if you have a group of people looking to spark creativity on the page, we can meet your needs.

Received MFA guidance from Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet

Lisa is an amazing editor. I turned to her for help with my writing sample while applying to MFA programs, so I was already sending her what I considered some of my best work. First and foremost, she is a selfless editor. She never tried to impose her own style or vision on me. Rather, her edits and suggestions were rooted in what she perceived I was trying to accomplish. And she absolutely got me. I didn’t just improve the poems, she helped me crack them open and get to their emotional stakes. Even poems I viewed as finished, through her critical eye they became new again and I found myself suddenly seeing all kinds of new possibilities.

Received Coaching from Alison Luterman

Working with Alison has been invaluable – she has provided me with profound lessons on how to hone my craft. Our one-on-one coaching sessions have made me a better poet and essayist – she helps me maintain my voice but amplifies it so it will be heard.

She is incredibly supportive yet is honest and forthcoming. She draws on her incredible knowledge of different forms and genres as well as her experience as a teacher. Every session with Alison pushes me to dig deeper and work harder. She’s like my own personal writing “cheerleader.” And it’s paying off! I am starting to getting my poems accepted for publication!

Received Mentoring from Karen Bjorneby

Karen [Bjorneby] sees writing as a craft that develops with courage, effort, and constructive feedback. Under her tutelage, I’ve grown and improved as a writer in ways I’d never imagined possible. In 2011, I sold my first novel, which received the Best Debut Novel award from the Golden Crown Literary Society and a Lavender Certificate for Excellent First Work from the Alice B Awards. In addition, my book was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Society Award, Best Mystery, and an excerpt received a Pushcart Prize nomination.

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