Selecting and Ordering Poems for Submission and Publishing

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

“Whether you’re submitting poems to journals or putting them together for a book,” says instructor Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, “learning how to order and present your work can give you a deeper understanding of how that work is received – and of what sets your poems apart

Earning Dramatic Emotion

Online (SF Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

In this 5-week process class we will dissect the intricate concepts of how emotions are developed in fiction and creative nonfiction, and master how to recognize and apply narrative craft that develop dramatic emotions in ways that can move our readers

Daily Write Round Robin

Online (Asynchronous) Online - No Live Meetings

Jane Underwood had a unique vision when she developed the Round Robin class. By combining several elements—partnering, repetition, practice, feedback, and dedication—she created not just a writing course, but an actual community, one that has continued and grown for over a decade

Raw Writing

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

In this 3-week version of The Writing Salon's Raw Writing series, David will lead you through prompts and exercises that indulge your senses, tickle your intellect, and mine your memory. You'll engage in writing exercises using your favorite pieces of literature, music, and other art forms

Your Singular Life

Online (SF Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

“Writing memoir is like being a miner, shining a light into the nooks and crannies of our lives,” says instructor Katharine Harer. “We think we know what we'll find, but we're often surprised by the depth and complexity we uncover

She Said WHAT?: Character Voices and Dialogue

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

Instructor Jessica Litwak says, “I started out my working life as an actor, so I write and teach writing from the inside, embodying story and character with passion, specificity and joy. I work to inspire and guide my students towards strong and clear written expression, particularly through character and dialogue

Poetry Mentorship with Brian Tierney

Online (Asynchronous) Online - No Live Meetings

This remote poetry “class” offers a unique opportunity for personal and intimate poetry instruction. Students will work with Brian Tierney one-on-one, via written correspondence over two months, during which students will compile and send three "packets"

The Art of Perhapsing: Remembering and Speculating in Creative Nonfiction

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

“The nonfictional nature of memoir and essay writing often comes into conflict with the nature of memory,” says instructor Rob Williams. “How do we keep our pact with the reader, to honor the truth of our story, when we may not be able to recall all of the details or even dialogue

Who Says It’s Taboo: Breaking the Rules of Fiction

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

“We all have our favorite writing rules—rules that have come about sometimes as simple pet peeves but more often for valid reasons," says instructor Lori Ostlund. In this class, we will practice breaking those rules

Story Mapping

Online (SF Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

Got an idea for a novel, a movie or a TV series? “That’s great!” says instructor Kate Montgomery. “Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and organize it into a layered, well-structured story that’s engaging from start to finish

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