Poetry Mentorship with Erin Rodoni

Online (Asynchronous) Online - No Live Meetings

In this 9-week mentorship experience, Erin Rodoni will engage with you as a unique poet. In addition to providing detailed critical feedback on your creative work, she will also take into account the arc and scope of your poems, examining the ways in which they are speaking to and building on each other


Daily Write Round Robin

Online (Asynchronous) Online - No Live Meetings

Jane Underwood had a unique vision when she developed the Round Robin class. By combining several elements—partnering, repetition, practice, feedback, and dedication—she created not just a writing course, but an actual community, one that has continued and grown for over a decade


She Said WHAT?: Character Voices and Dialogue

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

Instructor Jessica Litwak says, “I started out my working life as an actor, so I write and teach writing from the inside, embodying story and character with passion, specificity and joy. I work to inspire and guide my students towards strong and clear written expression, particularly through character and dialogue


Advanced Nonfiction Workshop

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

This class provides a “literary laboratory” for experienced nonfiction writers to workshop their writing, advance their craft, delve deeply into their themes, take risks, and tackle the all-important revision process


Written on Our Bodies: The Stories in Our Scars, Tattoos, and Other Body Markings

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

“Whether hidden or visible, we all have scars,” says instructor Rob Williams. “Some of us have tattoos, birthmarks, stretch marks or other various body markings—accidental or intentional. In this class, we’ll explore the stories told by our scars, our tattoos, and body modifications


Earning Dramatic Emotion

Online (SF Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

In this 5-week process class we will dissect the intricate concepts of how emotions are developed in fiction and creative nonfiction, and master how to recognize and apply narrative craft that develop dramatic emotions in ways that can move our readers


Short Story 1-2-3: Writing Fiction That Packs a Punch

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

“Ever since I began writing, I’ve been fascinated by the short story form,” Jennifer Lewis says. “You can read a short story from beginning to end in one sitting. I love the immediacy and resolve, the feeling of completion with an economy of words


Facing Down Writer’s Block

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

Writer’s block is the curse of even the most experienced writer and stops beginners before they get a word on the page. This class will provide the guidance and inspiration you need to face down writer’s block and succeed


Write That Novel!

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

Writing a novel can be a lonely business! If you want to start a novel or you’ve got a novel in progress, this class provides guidance, inspiration, and support


Writing Genre Fiction: The Same, But Different

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

“Genre fiction includes many types of books: sci-fi, mystery, horror, romance,” says instructor Kilby Blades. “All of these books carry one commonality: readers know how they will end. In fact, readers choose genre fiction in order to be taken on exciting, predictable journeys

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