Screenwriting Boot Camp

Online (SF Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

“The best way to learn anything is to DO it,” says instructor Kate Montgomery. “In this fun, informative boot camp, you'll get into the process right away. With an interactive mix of short lectures, individual and team writing exercises, and course materials you can keep to reference later, you’ll learn how to write a screenplay that can sell

Daily Write Round Robin

Online (Asynchronous) Online - No Live Meetings

Jane Underwood had a unique vision when she developed the Round Robin class. By combining several elements—partnering, repetition, practice, feedback, and dedication—she created not just a writing course, but an actual community, one that has continued and grown for over a decade

Be Bold: Poetry Workshop

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

“This intensive workshop is designed for poets seeking to elevate their craft and hone the art of revision,” says instructor Thea Matthews. "'Be Bold’ will provide a safe, constructive environment for students to feel empowered and to seek endless possibilities with their poetry

Intro to Creative Nonfiction: Let Your Story Unfold

Online (SF Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

“Have you always wanted to write but are stumped by the way to tell your own story?” asks instructor Jennifer Lewis. “In this remote class, by exploring different types of creative nonfiction, you will find the unique way to bring your story to life”

Poetry Mentorship with Brian Tierney

Online (Asynchronous) Online - No Live Meetings

This remote poetry “class” offers a unique opportunity for personal and intimate poetry instruction. Students will work with Brian Tierney one-on-one, via written correspondence over two months, during which students will compile and send three "packets"

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Creative Practice: Cultivating a Writing Routine That Works for You

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

“Writing is a way to engage deeply and meaningfully with the world so that life does not just simply pass us by,” says Shelby Hinte. “Writing is a way to linger and dissect the moments that might otherwise evade us. But as busy adults, how do we find time to write

Playing with Poetic Forms

Online (BK Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

"Form in poetry is like a jungle gym which can give structure to the swinging impulses of your mind and strengthen and lengthen your poetic muscles," says instructor Alison Luterman

Intro to Creative Writing: Let Your Words Out!

Online (SF Zoom) Online, Live Remote Meetings, ZOOM

“The imagination knows all stories before they are told,” wrote the poet William Carlos Williams. “What that says to me,” says instructor Katharine Harer, “is that all of us, whether we already think of ourselves as writers or we’re just starting to explore the craft, are primed for creative writing

Fiction Workshop: Enrich Your Drafts

San Francisco 2042 Balboa St., San Francisco, CA

"If you’re craving some constructive, insightful feedback from a supportive group of fellow writers, it’s time to dip your toe into the workshop," says instructor Steve Mitchel

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