Dear Jane,

Thank you for the wonderful letter you sent about process or publication. I would also like to thank you for being truly interested in every one of the people who take classes at The Writing Salon, whether currently in a class or perhaps someone who has taken them in the past.

I always felt (and feel) supported in my process at the Salon, with the incredible teaching staff and the feelings of comraderie that build up among the students as well.

It is hard to know which to emphasize, writing for process or publication and I tend to go back and forth a lot. Right now, I would say I write for the process of writing, for communication, and for understanding and trying to become the best human being possible.

I would like very much to thank you and the staff and the students at The Writing Salon for creating such a wonderful resource for the community of writers and non-writers alike. It has been an honor and a privilege to have taken classes here and to have shared a struggle towards meaning. Honestly, thank you for being here, for having created The Writing Salon, and for having put so much of yourself and your ideals into it.

Robbie Strand

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