I loved the class. Judy was professional, knowledegable and generous with guidance and inspiration. The writing exercises were useful. The reading aloud always helps. The tips and techniques were solid and I felt she had a good, grounded base of experience to share. She came with us to lunch and was very approachable and down to earth.

The time passed quickly and I would have loved to keep going on. I would attend other workshops by her at the Writing Salon. Her teaching style is inspiring, encouraging and sent me away wanting to write. Always a good sign! The class was a great value. I really felt I got my money’s worth.

Sarah Scott

Judy made this workshop come alive for me. She was warm, friendly, encouraging and informative. She inspired me. I broke through some barriers with myself (unexpectedly) and with my character — and I have been diving deeper into my character ever since the class. I particularly liked how she encouraged us to read and gave us the opportunity to speak about our work even if we did not want to share it in the reading-it-out-loud way.

Judy has a generous spirit and communicated to us with a lot of heart and humor. And I noticed she wasn’t using the workshop to plug her books. I felt her feedback to all of us was kind and helpful. She opened doors to help us explore our characters more deeply.

My only unfulfilled desire was that I would have liked to do more writing exercises. But I think that is because I felt so nurtured by Judy. I didn’t feel on the spot, so I was anxious to explore more within the class setting. On the other hand, time was limited and she covered a lot in the allotted time.

I would love to take a another workshop with Judy.

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