Stan had a deep, credible background in humor writing and so had a lot to impart. I learned a tremendous amount about the structure and tools for developing humorous pieces.  I found his formal understanding of what works and doesn’t work with humor writing, how to approach pieces, the most helpful.  I enjoyed the examples that he offered to explain his theories and points. There were so many moments in the class that made me laugh, it made  it fun.

David Nelson-Gal


Three months ago, I enrolled in the “Writing Funny” workshop with Stan Sinberg. Now I take a weekly private class with him. Stan’s keen editing skills, humorous comments and critical eye have made me a better writer. Finally, I’m experiencing a life long dream, to write humor. And Stan’s helped me achieve it.  If he offers the workshop again, sign up. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You wouldn’t laugh?

Karen Topakian


Stan is the right person for this class: he’s comfortable teaching groups, he’s upbeat, fun to listen to, and you can tell he’s in his element when he talks about writing funny.

Karen Cheong

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