Hi Jane,

Thank you for organizing Delving into the Dark Side. This was my first Writing Salon class, and it was terrific! I would love to come back and will keep my eyes on the class offerings.

I signed up for the class with hopes that I would have new ways to access a darker voice, and my expectations were certainly met. All of the exercises were stimulating, and can be repeated. I also walked away with a great list of questions that can help me develop a character’s shadow side.

Katia was an excellent teacher on every front. She created a safe, comfortable environment. She effectively incorporated the use of different media: music to get us physically moving and writing, video, and audio book. She gave us great examples, and shared her experiences in getting into the shadow in her own writing. Activities and discussions were nicely woven together, and the day flew by. The feedback she gave was appropriate for on-the-spot writing. She encouraged us to keep going, and gave us good ideas and questions to consider. I really like that Katia had each of us share a writing goal for the next week and encouraged us to be accountable by emailing someone when we completed our goal.

I’m so happy to have discovered The Writing Salon. The classes are affordable, the space is wonderful, and the location convenient. Parking was easy. Our class was small, which was nice.

Big thanks to you and Katia!

Susan G.


Dear Jane,

Full-Tilt Prose was more than I could have imagined or expected. It was such a balance of instructive, motivating and inspiring – all.  The emphasis on “the riff” was a revelation. I’m still not sure how it works ( like good voodoo), but it opens up doors.  I benefited from the instruction about sentence structure and grammar, rhythm, shape, form, paying attention to the voice.

As a (still) hesitant student,  who was, nonetheless, drawn to the Katia’s description of her class, I wound up confronting my own phobias/fears and I am very appreciative of Katia’s gentle style of instruction, direction and feedback.

I want to keep writing, and I think that, because of the class, I may have more courage, and I ‘m grateful for that.

Aside from the fact that the Writing Salon provides an environment that sustains, on the practical end, everything-  from signing up on line ( with questions predicted and helpfully answered), to the parking and the building itself – has been un-stressful.  thank you.

Susan Peterson


Katia was great.  I’d take another class from her again!

Carol Pragides

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