Dear Jane,

It is my pleasure to write you to say that I was extremely impressed with the job Junse did in teaching the Intro to Fiction Writing class. He was excellent! Organized, attentive, focused, and craft-oriented. . . What he taught was a tangible, measurable skill, defining and using language that was specific and understandable–as an example, his focus on the difference between “taste” and looking at utilizing craft.

I have watched many a teacher be amorphous and ambiguous in their language and direction to students, and then I’ve watched as students squint their eyes, tilt their heads, trying to discern what the hell the teacher is talking about or expecting. There was none of that with Junse. His class was a treat and I learned a ton, including naming things I have been contemplating in my writing for years–this new language and knowledge is something I will use.

He’s a good one!

Mer Rainwater


Hi, Jane.  I just wanted to pass along that Junse Kim is one of the most organized teachers I have ever experienced.  Also, both his teaching style and personal gestalt nothing shy of pure grace.  It was a great Intro to Fiction class!!  Just thought I’d let you know.

Linda Forester



I just wanted to tell you that the Intro to Fiction course I took with Junse Kim was one of the best writing classes I’ve ever taken. Junse is a very capable teacher – he made the class interesting and inspiring, and I especially liked the way he used other narrative forms (comic books, movies, songs) to teach us about the writing process.

Just wanted to let you know – thanks!


Marissa Tirona

I just wanted to say that Junse Kim’s “Intro to Fiction” class, which I just finished up this past Thursday, was the best writing class I’ve ever taken. I’ve taken several writing classes in the past, but…

…none have broken down the elements of craft to me in such a sensible and succinct way. I feel more prepared to tackle my writing projects with confidence and skill now than ever before.

Thanks Junse and the Writing Salon!
Rona Fernandez


Hi Jane,

I just finished Intro to Fiction with Junse Kim last night, and I wanted to let you know what a great class it was. I’ve taken several other writing classes in the past few years, and this one was far and away the best. Junse is a great teacher who demystifies the craft of writing and teaches his students about all aspects of it – not just how to write, but also how to critique, how to interpret different narrative genres, and what to do next. We also lucked out with a nice, thoughtful group of students.

Just wanted to let you know how good it was. Thank you!

Sarah Busselle


I just want to say thanks again to Junse Kim (Intro to Fiction) for his time and energy. He has a great style and way of taking the intimidation factor out of writing. Having never really written before I was amazed at how comfortable he made me in both writing and sharing in a group environment. I think I am now officially on my own writing journey thanks to Junse.

Best of luck and keep me posted on cool writing opportunities.



Hi Jane,

I loved the class that Junse Kim taught — it really provided a good approach that, to a certain degree, was so simple I found myself saying “why didn’t I think of that?” I think it’s a great class for anyone, but especially for beginners.

Seth Flagsberg

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