James Arthur was an outstanding teacher, one of the best writing teachers I’ve had and I’ve had quite a few!! I really liked his class [The Poem You Weren’t Expecting] and am hoping he will teach again in the fall! . . .The course met my expectations very well! It helped me come at writing poetry in new ways which I really appreciated!

Peggy Rasmussen

James is a terrific teacher. He was really good with classroom management, and mostly succeeded in satisfying the needs of everyone. His knowledge of the subject is absolutely stellar; he always had great suggestions for further reading and study that couldn’t be covered in the class. He’s also one of the most articulate people I have ever heard. The quality of feedback and critique was outstanding. He inspired everyone to aim higher and achieve more.

I have enjoyed all of the courses I have taken at the Writing Salon, but James’ course was the one I learned most from.

Best Regards,


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