Saturday, April 29, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Berkeley
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If you dream of writing a nonfiction book – self-help, how-to, biography, memoir or any other nonfiction genre – your first step (not your last) is to write a dynamite book proposal. A good, solid book proposal doesn’t merely sell your book, it helps you WRITE your book. “You’ll write a smarter, more focused book,” says instructor Eric Maisel, “if you write the proposal as you write the book.” In this class, through discussion and exercises, you’ll look at 14 elements of book proposal writing that will help you to hone your idea, frame your theme, pick an effective title, write a sample chapter, organize your table of contents, and more. Whether you have only a vague idea for a book or a completed first draft, this class will show you what you need to do in order to create a proposal that will sell your book.

Eric Maisel is the author of The Art of the Book Proposal: How to Effectively Present Yourself and Your Ideas to Agents and Editors (Tarcher/Putnam). He has helped numerous clients improve their book proposals and sell their books, and has himself written and sold more than thirty books – Fearless Creating, A Life in the Arts, Deep Writing, The Creativity Book, The Van Gogh Blues, Sleep Thinking, Affirmations for Artists, Living the Writer’s Life and more. When not writing books, he works as a creativity coach and psychotherapist.

“Eric’s class is just great!”

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