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Testimonials for Jane

You want to write but you can’t. You don’t. You won’t. Because?

“Don’t bother answering that question,” says Jane Underwood. “I’ve already heard your answer(s) a million times, from other writers and/or aspiring writers. I’ve heard the answer(s) from myself as well. We can all be wildly creative with our ‘why I can’t’ answers (excuses). So why not take that creativity and apply it to some actual writing? What a concept! Woohoo!

“Just imagine: If you could take all (or even part) of the energy that you put into coming up with reasons for not writing, you’d be Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. Seriously. You’d be writing up a storm. Yup. You’d be writing, which is what writers do.

“Would you be writing the way you fantasize about it? Beautifully? Wisely? Hilariously? Clearly? Astutely? Fascinatingly? Vividly? Colorfully? Powerfully? Intriguingly? So many ly adverbs to choose from, aren’t there?  But let’s cut to the chase: The answer is NO. For the most part, no, your real writing life will not look like your fantasy writing life, perfect and magical. But wait. The answer is also YES, sometimes, yes! Sometimes it does feel fantastic and magical. It’s just like anything else worth working for — you keep at it and at it and at it, and eventually your hard work pays off.

“So here is what I propose: Take it one step at a time. First step: Get yourself to this workshop. Get past all the reasons you can’t afford it or make the time for it, then sign up, get out of bed, get dressed, eat your danish or oatmeal, guzzle your coffee or smoothie, and make your way to the door of the Writing Salon.

“I will let you in. I will then help you to get better at helping yourself become a writer, or a better writer. I’ll jump-start your dead batteries, and we’ll get your engines running for the day. After that, it’ll be your job to keep them charged.”

Jane Underwood, founder and director of the Writing Salon, has been a writer, editor and teacher for going on 40 years  (yikes) and also leads the popular “Daily Write Round Robin” class. Her poetry, prose, erotica, articles and essays have appeared in numerous print and online periodicals, anthologies, and on stage. She has a masters in creative writing, and is also an avid photographer, with a special affection for abstracts, urban trees,  fallen leaves, and quirky San Francisco stairways.

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