Six Online Group Chats (Saturdays, 10 to 11:30 a.m., plus online interaction and guidance between chats) Note: This class is not currently scheduled $435 members/$465 others

“Writing a novel for kids or teens is unique in that a writer must imagine the world from a young reader’s perspective,” says Lindsey Alexander. “But like any worthwhile writing project, getting it done takes discipline, focus, and an ability to stick with it.”If you’ve started a middle-grade or young adult novel, or you’ve been dying to get started on one but just haven’t found the time, this class is designed to help you set and reach page goals, refine your craft, learn successful strategies for getting published, and establish sustainable writing habits for life. Though the online format of the course makes it possible to work when and where it’s convenient for you, make no mistake: you will have ample motivation to produce pages, explore new strategies in storytelling, and, if you choose to make it your goal, to complete the course with a working draft of your manuscript.

Along the way, you’ll receive invaluable coaching from an experienced editor and encouragement from a team of fellow writers. “Accountability can be the best motivation for writing,” Lindsey says. “Knowing that you have a goal to reach allows you to cut through excuses and uncertainty, and discover solutions to your writing questions as you move ahead.”

This online course doesn’t require any special software or downloads, just an Internet connection. As members of a vibrant Web community, you will receive craft advice, motivation, and support through:

• Monthly 1.5-hour group chat sessions online to discuss thought-provoking lectures on craft and publishing. Transcripts will be available for students who are not able to attend.
• Submission to Lindsey of up to 120 pages of work for written feedback, to be discussed during one-on-one Skype or phone conversations at times that are convenient to you.
• Weekly email check-ins with Lindsey to review goals, discuss progress, and address questions.
• A private discussion board where you’ll find optional bonus writing exercises to help keep ideas flowing, and where you’ll have the ability to engage in conversations with classmates, and share writing, favorite books, and resources.

NOTE: FYI: This class costs more, in comparison to other Writing Salon classes, because there’s substantially more one-on-one instruction. In addition to the monthly class, students can opt for up to two hours of additional contact time with Lindsey each month. Also, because of the level of feedback and one-on-one instruction, the class is limited to 10 (rather than our usual 13) students. “It’s the quality and depth of instruction you’d get if you were to hire me as a writing coach or substantive editor,” says Lindsey, “but at a fraction of the cost.”

As a child, Lindsey Alexander wrote fan mail to her favorite authors, a number of whom amazingly wrote back. Years later, as an editor at HarperCollins Children’s Books, she had the pleasure of collaborating with some of these same talented people. Currently an editorial consultant, she works with a variety of clients, including Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Chronicle, HarperCollins, and Harry N. Abrams. She also works with literary agencies and individuals. Lindsey holds an MFA in Writing from The New School University.

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