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 July/August 2015

REGISTRATION ALERT: We can’t promise that last-minute registrations will be accepted unless you sign up at least a day before class starting time–or even better, a week or two. We’d appreciate it.  

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San Francisco 


Classes are open unless they have already happened, or you see CLOSED after the title


1 Saturday, Aug. 1: Dianne Jacob: Food Writing for Food Lovers
5 Saturdays, Aug. 15-Sept. 19: Kathleen McClung: Memoir Writing: Mine & Refine Your Memories
5 Saturdays, Aug. 15-Sept. 19: Patricia Cotter: Playwriting 101: Writing for the Theater & Beyond
1 Sunday, Aug. 30th: Ben Jackson: Creating a Writing Practice


1 Saturday, July 11: Patricia Cotter: Playwriting 101: Taking the First Step -OVER
5 Mondays, July 13-Aug. 10: Junse Kim: Intro to Fiction: Laying the Foundation - CLOSED
9 Tuesdays, July 14-Sept. 8: Ben Jackson: Journaling: Turn Your Life into Art - CLOSED
9 Wednesdays, July 15-Sept. 9: Ben Jackson: Intro to Creative Writing: Fun with the Fundamentals - CLOSED
9 Thursdays, July 16-Sept. 10: Julie Bruck: Fearless Poetry Workshop - CLOSED
1 Saturday, July 18: Ben Jackson & Daniel Rechtschaffen: Meditative Writing - OVER
2 Sundays, July 19 & Sept. 13 (plus daily online): Jane Underwood: Daily Write “Round Robin”  - CLOSED
6 Sundays, July 19-Dec. 6: Kathleen McClung: Memoir Writing Continuation Class - CLOSED
5 Sundays, July 19-Aug. 16: Shirin Bridges: Writing for Kids & Young Adults: Improve Your Craft - CLOSED
6 Fridays, July 24-Dec. 11: Karen Bjorneby: Novel Writing Continuation Workshop - CLOSED
1 Saturday, July 25: Jenny Pritchett: You Should Write that Down! - OVER


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Classes are open unless they have already happened, or you see CLOSED after the title.


1 Saturday, Aug. 1: Alison Luterman: The Narrative Poem: Telling the News Without Losing the Lyric
5  Saturdays, Aug. 15-Sept. 19: Jenny Pritchett: Intro to Creative Writing: Having Fun with the Fundamentals
5 Sundays, Aug. 16-Sept 20: Jay Ridler: Writing from the Heart: Uncovering Your Most Powerful Themes
5 Mondays, Aug. 17-Sept 21: Jenny Pritchett: Raw Writing: A Class for Generating New Material


1 Saturday, July 11: Shirin Bridges: You’ve Finished Your Book: Now What? - OVER
5 Sundays, July 12-Aug.9: Junse Kim: Intro to Fiction: Laying the Foundation - CLOSED
5 Sundays, July 12-Aug.9: Terrel Seltzer: Intro to Screenwriting: The Five Essentials - CLOSED
9 Wednesdays: July 15-Sept. 9: Cary Groner:Fiction Workshop: Building and Refining Storytelling Skills - CLOSED
1 Saturday, July 18: Kathleen McClung: Writing as Healing - OVER
9 Tuesdays, July 21-Sept. 22: Alison Luterman: Write from Real Life: Personal Essays & Memoirs - CLOSED
1 Saturday, July 25: Kate Montgomery: Intro to Screenwriting: Story Design Workshop - OVER


Gift Certificates  


REGISTRATION ALERT: We can’t promise that last-minute registrations will be accepted, so please sign up at least 24 hours prior to the class starting time–or even better, 24 days! Or, you know, a week or so.   Thanks!

Berkeley Fiction Class

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Students on Snack Break






In addition to offering classes, we foster community by holding readings and social events. Take a peek at the slideshows below! We also have a Facebook Page with lots of posts from our teachers.

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