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 January/February 2015

San Francisco


6 Fridays, Jan. 16-June 5 (monthly): Andy Touhy: Honing the Art of Storytelling: Fiction Continuation Class
1 Saturday, Jan. 17: Jenny Pritchett: You Should Write that Down!
6 Sundays, Jan. 18-June 7: Julie Bruck: Persistent Poets: Fearless Poetry Continuation
5 Sundays, Jan. 18-Feb. 15: Jenny Pritchett: Personal Essays: Tell Your Real-Life Stories
5 Mondays, Jan. 19-Feb. 16: Junse Kim: Intro to Fiction: Laying the Foundation
10 Mondays, Jan. 19-March 23: Junse Kim & Karen Bjorneby: Special Combo: Intro to Fiction & Starting Your Novel

5 Tuesdays, Jan. 20-Feb. 17: Ben Jackson: Journaling: Turn Your Life into Art
10 Tuesdays, Jan. 20-March 24: Ben Jackson: Special Combo: Journaling & Intro to Creative Writing
9 Wednesdays, Jan. 21-March 18: Andy Touhy: Fiction Workshop: Honing the Art of Storytelling
9 Thursdays, Jan. 22-March 19: Julie Bruck: Out of the Drawer & into the Light: Finish Those Poems!
6 Fridays, Jan. 23-June 12: Karen Bjorneby: Novel Writing Continuation Workshop
1 Saturday, Jan. 24: Ben Jackson: Creating a Writing Practice
2 Sundays, Jan. 25 & March 22 plus daily online for 9 weeks: Jane Underwood: Daily Write “Round Robin”
1 Saturday, Jan. 31: Patricia Cotter: Playwriting 101: Taking the First Step


1 Saturday, Feb. 7: Kathleen McClung: Writing as Healing
5 Saturdays, Feb. 21-March 21: Patricia Cotter: Playwriting 101: Writing for the Theater & Beyond
5 Sundays, Feb. 22-March 22: Kate Montgomery: Intro to Screenwriting: Take the Leap!
5 Mondays, Feb. 23-March 23: Karen Bjorneby: Starting Your Novel: Get a Foothold on Your Project
5 Tuesdays, Feb. 24-March 24: Ben Jackson: Intro to Creative Writing: Having Fun with the Fundamentals
5 Saturdays, Feb. 28-March 28: Kathleen McClung: Memoir Writing: Mine & Refine Your Memories
6 Sundays, March 8-June 21: Kathleen McClung: Memoir Writing Continuation Class



5 Fridays, Jan. 16-March 13 (every other week): Terrel Seltzer: Screenwriting Continuation Workshop 
1 Saturday, Jan. 17: Elaine Beale: Inspiring the Muse: A Day to Jump-Start your Writing
5 Sundays, Jan. 18-Feb. 15: Junse Kim: Intro to Fiction: Laying the Foundation 
10 Sundays, Jan. 18-March 22: Junse Kim & Elaine Beale: Special Combo: Intro to Fiction & Starting Your Novel
9 Mondays, Jan. 19-March 16: Terrel Seltzer: Screenwriting: The Fun Beginning, the Dreaded Middle, the Dynamic End
5 Tuesdays, Jan. 20-Feb. 17: Elaine Beale: Raw Writing: A Class for Generating New Material
10 Tuesdays, Jan. 20-March 24: Elaine Beale: Special Combo: Raw Writing & Intro to Creative Writing
9 Wednesdays, Jan. 21-March 18: Alison Luterman: Write from Real Life: Personal Essays & Memoirs
9 Thursdays, Jan. 22-March 19: Cary Groner: Fiction Gym Workshop
6 Fridays, Jan. 23-June 12: Cary Groner: Fiction Gym Workshop: Continuation Class
1 Saturday, Jan. 24: Jay Ridler: Writing from the Heart: Uncovering Your Most Powerful Themes
1 Saturday, Jan. 31: Jenny Pritchett: Submit!: Get Your Work into Print


1 Saturday, Feb. 7: Alison Luterman: Writing the 10-Minute Play
1 Saturday, Feb. 14: John Oliver Simon: Valentine’s Day Poetry Workshop: Love and Its Opposites
5 Saturdays, Feb. 21-March 21: Ben Jackson: Poetry Workshop: Finding a Way In
5 Saturdays, Feb. 21-March 21: Jenny Pritchett: Flash Fiction: Short but Stout
5 Sundays, Feb. 22-March 22: Elaine Beale: Starting Your Novel: Get Your Work Off the Ground
5 Tuesdays, Feb. 24-March 24: Elaine Beale: Intro to Creative Writing: Fun with the Fundamentals


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REGISTRATION ALERT: We can’t promise that last-minute registrations will be accepted, so please sign up at least 24 hours prior to the class starting time–or even better, 24 days! Or, you know, a week or so.   Thanks!

Berkeley Fiction Class

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Students on Snack Break






In addition to offering classes, we foster community by holding readings and social events. Take a peek at the slideshows below! We also have a Facebook Page with lots of posts from our teachers.

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