John J. Geoghegan has worked as an editor, journalist, author and publisher. He began his career in the editorial department of Doubleday, the largest publisher in the U.S. at the time, where he contributed to the editing and marketing of a variety of books. He is also the author of three, commercially-published, non-fiction books with a fourth under contract. In addition to serving as a Special Correspondent for the New York Times, John’s articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, the San Francisco Chronicle, Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek, and Smithsonian’s Air & Space magazine among other publications. While nurturing numerous writers to publication, John has taught freelance writing at Fairfield University. His “real world” experience combined with his frank approach to subjects many authors, agents and publishers are reluctant to discuss, are designed to help aspiring authors navigate the arcane ins-and-outs of the literary industry.

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