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Writer’s block.  It’s the curse of even the most experienced writer and stops beginners before they’ve even put a word on the page.  We may believe that we want to write, but instead we find ourselves rearranging the spice rack, repainting the kitchen, sorting our sock drawer.  Or perhaps we do actually get down a few sentences, but we don’t like what we’ve written or even if we do, we don’t think anyone else will be interested in what we have to say.  Or we just feel uninspired, in need of an infusion of energy.

As much as we might think we have to “push” through our block; it has something to teach us, it’s the voice of our inner self, and we need to listen to it.  Having listened and learned from it, we can then tell it gently but firmly to get out of our way.

This class is designed to help writers of all levels of experience—those who are struggling to maintain their writing practice, those new to writing who are searching for inspiration, and those who need help kick-starting a new project.  A day filled to brimming with exercises and techniques, it will help you understand where your barriers come from, how to move past them, get inspired, and write and write and write…

Elaine Beale has taught creative writing to adults and youth for more than a decade.  Her first novel, Murder in the Castro, was published in 1997, and her second novel is forthcoming from Random House in 2009.  In 2007 she was selected as the winner of the Poets and Writers California Writers Exchange Contest in fiction, and was also one of three finalists for the 2007 Penelope Niven Creation Nonfiction Award (Center for Women Writers, National Literary Awards).  Elaine has a graduate degree in Education from the University of London (UK), and is a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing candidate at the University of British Columbia.

“…she is excellent…”

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