Saturday  Oct. 5th, 10 am to 4 pm
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Testimonials for Jess

Whether you’re a beginning writer or a veteran, there’s a way to carve out time for your writing and get it done. In this class, instructor Jess Wells will lead you through a series of worksheets that will help you scrutinize the activities that are most likely to kidnap your creative life. You’ll look closely at where and how you waste time, and also at how you misallocate your writing time.

“We’ll find the little hidden pockets of time and reclaim them for your art,” says Jess. “We’ll be honest about the fear that holds us back, we’ll laugh over the tricks that the procrastinating mind invents, and we’ll look at how famous writers such as William Carlos Williams, EE Cummings and Anthony Trollope accomplished a great deal with very little time.”

“I’ve been teaching this class for several years, refining it every time,” Jess says. “It’s my most popular class. People write me emails and approach me at conferences saying that this one changed their lives. So come join in as we hammer out – together – a personalized schedule that will allow you to write and still hold down a job, raise a family, and live in the world.”

Jess Wells is the author of three novels and five books of short stories, as well as the editor of several anthologies of fiction and social commentary.  She has published more than sixty short stories and her work is included in literary anthologies and journals, university curricula and European publications.  She is a recipient of a San Francisco Arts Commission Grant for Literature, a four-time finalist for the Lambda Literary Awards, and she works as a freelance marketing consultant in Silicon Valley. A single-mother-by-choice of a teenage son, if there’s one thing she knows, it’s how to multitask and prioritize!

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