We are a private business offering a wide array of classes taught by a wide variety of instructors. We welcome writers (and aspiring writers) at all levels of experience. If you’re a beginner, we’ll help you unlock pent-up creativity and get started. If you’ve got experience, we’ll help you to keep going and improving. If you’re rusty, we’ll bring out the oil cans. If you’re blocked, we’ll help you to overcome obstacles and fears.

We teach the nuts and bolts of craft. We also give tips and advice on how to rev up motivation, discipline and commitment.

We want to help you enjoy the process of writing, as well as the satisfaction of completing your projects (if that’s your goal; some students are very product-oriented, others are more process-oriented). Our courses are hands-on. You will write, not just think about writing. You will also engage in lively discussions and helpful interactions with your teachers and peers.

We invite you to come learn new skills and improve (or revive) old ones. We also encourage you to use the Writing Salon as a resource for making connections, finding support and building community with other writers — to see it as a place where you can go to strengthen not only your writing but your writing life.

Here’s an article about Writing Salon founder Jane Underwood, in the October 2014 issue of The Monthly.

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