I’ve taken Aurora Brackett’s Fundamentals class twice and I wish I could just continue to hang out there. In part it’s because I feel safest calling myself a beginner, but the larger part is that it continues to be both fun and rewarding, while at the same time safe. Aurora is nurturing of the uncertain writer, continually recognizing the vibrant and original in everyone’s work, and successfully modeling that approach to her students. It’s not just platitudes, either; the thing I miss the most when not in her classes is the insightful and constructive comments she provides on specific aspects of my work. Her comments never fail to help illuminate the heart of what my words are aiming for, and motivate me to clarify and flesh out my writing experience.
Thank you, Aurora!
Sheila Meltzer
Dear Jane,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for creating the Writing Salon.  It is an amazing venue for writers of all levels to gather and write.  As someone new to the craft, I find the Writing Salon to be a welcoming, positive, and professional place to pursue my passion for writing.

Secondly, I’d like to let you know that I am a big fan of Aurora Brackett and her incredible teaching style.  I have taken both her “Intro to Creative Writing” and “Raw Writing” classes and am so glad I did!   Aurora managed to create a classroom atmosphere that was both organized and relaxed.  Through numerous examples and exercises, she motivated us to observe, imagine, and write!  She encouraged us to leave our “inner critic” at the door and take “leaps” with our writing pieces.  Aurora’s easy-going demeanor and quiet sense of humor easily inspired us to believe in our writing, as well as in ourselves.

Carol Alexander


Aurora, I’ve taken five Writing Salon classes to date and have enjoyed your material and teaching style the most. Lots and lots of good and fun handouts, ratio of writing to talking time is good, and the pacing is excellent. You are able to convey a considerable amount of information in each class while at the same time making the learning experience thoroughly entertaining.  Above all, the participants are treated with respect andan understanding of the vulnerability experienced by “new” writers.
Thank you for the effort you put into preparing for and teaching your classes.

Roger Mills
Just wanted to share my thoughts on the class I took earlier this year. Thank you.
I had struggled with writer’s block for months before taking a Writing Salon class. Aurora Bracket’s “Introduction to Creative Writing” was just what I needed to get me out of my slump. Aurora teaches in a way that is supportive and empowering. She created an environment that offered me the freedom to explore writing and creativity in a new way. I was able to set aside expectations and doubts and to once again enjoy the process of writing. I was so glad to let words flow on the page and frequently be pleased with what I had written. Aurora’s feedback is valued and instructive, she builds a sense of community and support within the class, and I found many of the students highly talented as well.
Anne Ross
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