Sunday, March 10th, 10:30 am-1 pm  $25 members/$35 others  
San Francisco

Can’t commit to a five- or nine-week class right now? Not even a 10 to 4 Saturday intensive? That’s okay, good things can come in even smaller packages. So…once a month, we’re going to offer a “mini-write-a-thon” where all you have to commit to is a 2.5-hour session of writing & sharing, (plus reading either one mini-handout or listening to a quick writing tip or two from your shot-dispenser, Jane Underwood).

“Expect to do around one-and-a-half hours of in-class writing,” says Jane. “I’ll give out specific writing exercises and prompts to anyone who wants them, or you can just plop yourself down and write whatever you feel like writing. The point is for everyone to write!  To actually DO IT. Some people will come precisely because they want to be sparked, inspired or challenged by the exercises. Others will trek over because they know they won’t get any writing done otherwise — not at home, not at the beach, not even at the cafe while wearing an artsy beret and flouting the fanciest iPad.

“When not writing, we’ll be sharing some of what you’ve written (optional), but not critiquing because that’s not what this write-a-thon is about. We’ll also eat! I’ll rustle up the coffee, tea and a snack, and if you want to add to the spread with pastries, fruit, juice or whatever else, please do. The more munchies, the merrier!

“Writers at all levels of experience, working in any genre – fiction, nonfiction, poetry, blogging, whatever – are welcome. Everyone is invited. This is your chance to tap into your pent up writing energy, then dive in and get something WRITTEN (it doesn’t have to be perfect or even good; the point is to write something, because every time you write, you are ultimately getting better at it). Every writer can use an occasional shot-in-the arm…as well as a way to stay more connected to other writers, maybe even make a few new writer friends-for-life.

Jane Underwood, founder and director of The Writing Salon, has been a writer, editor and teacher for more than (gulp) thirty years. Her poetry, prose, erotica, articles and essays have appeared in print and online periodicals (SF Chronicle, The Sun, Five Fingers Review, Quarterly West, Western Humanities Review, Libido,,,, anthologies (The Ecstatic Moment, Yellow Silk, Ripe Fruit, Best Women’s Erotica, Nesting: It’s a Chick Thing), and on stage (Lilith Theater). She holds a masters degree in creative writing, has taught many creative writing classes ranging from “word painting (‘show a lot, tell a little’)” to erotica writing to personal essay writing, and has spent the last seven years leading the “Daily Write Round Robin” classes (every session, non-stop!).

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