Hi Shirin,

I left your class a much better writer, bolstered to continue on this often lonely path, and most importantly with the desire to NOT GIVE UP! I struggle with motivation but I am bound to finish this thing because I do not want to live a life of regrets (also, hence why we’re moving to SoCal!). Thank you soo much for your words of wisdom, insight, really sage advice and time. You’ve been amazing! If we move back to SF, I will be sure to sign up for another one of your courses. Hopefully I run into you at a conference one of these days, too! I am aiming for that one in December! If I have a goal, maybe I’ll make some headway on this book for once!

If you know of any great writing classes in SoCal, please let me know. I find taking classes with peer review incredibly motivating! Please stay in touch and I’m sure I’ll be hitting you up for your editing services hopefully sooner than later!

Take care!


Hi Jane,

Shirin’s course more than met my expectations. I went in knowing nothing about this genre or the nature of the publishing business and came away with a solid grounding in both.

I particularly enjoyed the brainstorming exercise during the first class that helped generate an idea for a story that I developed during the class. It was kind if magical that I entered the class with zero idea about a story and within 20 minutes of doing this exercise I had something. I also liked the editing exercises as we were polishing our work.

I thought that Shirin did a fabulous job and I wouldn’t hesitate taking another class by her. I found her style to be very honest, open and encouraging.

Hi Jane – Shirin’s “Digital Publishing” was a wonderful class, I learned so much. Part history, facts, examples and great student participation. Shirin is a delight and really an excellent teacher. I had a fabulous day and I’ll be revising my Digital First notes in a day or two. I’m going to urge friends to take this class. The publishing world is changing so very quickly, but I think in a good and interesting way.

Thank you for offering this course and for the coffee that was waiting for me (us).


Mary Ann


I have taken two classes now at the Writing Salon (both in SF) and each one has been a wonder experience. Have loved the teachers, the location and the comfortable environment. Oh yeah, and the snacks.

Thank you for offering this great resource!



Dear Jane,

One thing I LOVED about the class is that I went in with an idea that I was determined to work on and develop in her class, and walked out with a completely different idea that came out of a writing exercise we did in the first class. I love it when surprises like this happen. I mean, I am so damn excited about this new idea I can’t stand it.

At the 2nd class we brought in a first draft… Shirin took our rough drafts home, and during the course of the week she emailed a page or two of her own “broad strokes” comments on our stories. I feel that her comments were right on target. So helpful–it seemed that she was able to read the story and clearly see how it could have been better organized, and the suggestions she made were so good.

There were a couple of things that I thought could be improved. For example, once or twice I feel that she could have given a little more encouragement to some of the people in the class. And sometimes I couldn’t hear her very well, and sometimes she erased stuff she wrote on the whiteboard too fast. But overall, the structure of the class was superb!

One thing I think I’ve gained from the course is a great story…I never would have come up with it if I hadn’t been in the class.

I love the Writing Salon.

Thank You!
Linda Davick


Hi, Shirin, hope you’€™re doing well. Unfortunately, I won’€™t be able to attend our last class as I am celebrating my boyfriend’€™s birthday. We are sunset sailing from Sausalito and won’€™t return until after class ends.
I really enjoyed your class and look forward to attending more sessions at the Writing Salon. You provided so much useful information and exercises. Please keep me on your email list. I am interested in attending future workshops with you.
Lori Blackburn
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