Dear Jane,

I LOVED everything about this workshop! Ruth did everything right. Good prompts, good guidance, shared knowledge, interesting personality, great listener, great speaker, useful feedback. I wish you were offering a monthly Saturday or Sunday class with her. I’d sign up right now!

Will settle down now with tea and her book of poems. The ones I have already read are quite wonderful.

Thank You!



Hello Writing Salon,

The class was excellent. I found Ruth to be warm and caring, and loved the quotes, writing prompts, and writing samples she brought to us.  It was a nice intro to the Writing Salon, where I plan to return.

I thank you, Ruth,

Susan Murray


Re: Writing Dangerously

The main benefit of the class for me was the opportunity to share the difficult material on which I’ve been working with others besides my wife for the first time.  It was also encouraging to meet others who are struggling with the writing of difficult material. I appreciated as well the samples of such writing shared by those in the class, including pieces brought in by the instructor.

I appreciated her sharing her own material, particularly in taking the first leap in opening up before the class. She did a good job of creating an atmosphere of trust and safety.

I’ve gained more focus and encouragement to finish my writing project. I also received helpful feedback from the instructor and other students about my material.


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