Hi Karen,

I just wanted to write you a note to thank you again for your class. It was really just what I needed. I hadn’t taken a writing course in a long time, and was feeling really lost, blocked and isolated in my writing. Trying to write a novel on my own the first time around was a bewildering experience, and I found myself hobbled in the end by constantly worrying over why I was doing what I was doing, anyway. Who was I to think I had something to say that anyone would care to hear? Let alone a story to tell…

…Your class helped me reconnect with the craft, and my love for it. I was really saved by your gentle, genuine approach to sharing our work. Throughout my attempts to become a writer, I have occasionally come into contact with a deeper, universal subconscious-type of wisdom that I shy away from in my everyday life. It was just a voice in my head that gave me the will to write, told me to keep going and to stay in touch with what inspired me. I heard that voice again, this time loud and clear through you, and I’m so grateful I had the chance to work with you. –Kerina

“Karen is a fantastic teacher, I am really impressed by the quality of her instruction!”

–Parnaz Foroutan


Karen’s course exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I got out of it. I loved her lectures; very informative, filled with valuable nuggets. I expect I will refer to her handouts and my notes for a long time to come. Her in-class exercises were thought-provoking, and her feedback on everyone’s writing was thoughtful, encouraging and full of generosity and compassion. — Steven Rossen

Karen is a fabulous teacher! She is just such an astute teacher, it’s amazing.




Hi, Jane…

I took “Writing a Novel” (approximate title) with Karen Bjorneby. I had hoped that the class would keep my creative juices flowing, help me scrape together a plan, and give me some honest critique…and it did more than that. I learned a TON about novel-writing in the sessions themselves; Karen did a wonderful job breaking the class into major but digestible chunks: character, setting, plot, and voice.

Moreover, Karen’s critique of my work was spot-on. I’d known that some areas were weak, but I couldn’t have guessed that someone could tell me exactly why and what I might try to improve them. And the critique, while incisive, contained enough broad wisdoms to help me apply it throughout. I actually think I have a solid base for writing a good story now, which is rather remarkable for the money and the five-week commitment.

I’d recommend Karen and your series to anyone.

Thanks, and happy holidays…

Hillary Read

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