Hi Jane,

I recently finished Julie Bruck’s workshop, and just wanted to drop you a note to say what I know many others have said before me: that she’s fantastic! She’s able to give meaningful feedback to poets of every aesthetic and all backgrounds (post-MFA to first poetry workshop) and she’s upbeat, focused, kind, and encourages a lot of fun. I’ve taken many workshops, and I work as a creative writing teacher for high school students, and I was impressed every week by Julie’s unflagging energy and committed thoughtfulness. She’s a gem! I know why she has return students who have worked with her for years!
Best wishes,


Hi Jane,

I find it difficult to express the satisfaction I feel after having just completed nine weeks of the Fearless Poetry Workshop with Julie Bruck and my session’s fellow fearless poets. So many things about how the workshop unfolded just felt right. I greatly appreciate that Julie fosters an atmosphere that enables all voices to emerge and remain distinct. Attendance never lagged and for good reason; there was always something useful to discover about critiquing, reading, and writing. For anyone seeking to deepen their appreciation for the art and craft of poetry, they cannot go wrong with this workshop.

Thank you to The Writing Salon for offering these poetry workshops and thanks to Julie for her generous instruction.

Ralph Gordon


Hi Jane,
I used to harbor a secret prejudice – that poems were dull and too hard to understand – but doing Julie Bruck’s class I learned to fall in love with poetry.

Every week she gave us an assignment like start in the middle of a poem, or try leaving out adjectives or write about the inside of something you’re usually outside of, always with the gentle reminder that if the exercise doesn’t inspire, write something else. We brought our poems to class and received feedback that was kind and respectful but didn’t shy away from ideas to strengthen our work. I’m still writing a poem a week and would highly recommend any writers, experienced or not, to participate in this class at least once in their lives.

–Kaye C.


Hi Jane,

I just finished a Fearless Poetry class with Julie Bruck and I wanted to leave some feedback for the website if you’d like it, since I enjoyed the class so much.

After writing poetry for years in college and then letting the craft go dormant for a few years, Julie’s class reawakened the poet in me like never before. Julie is passionate, insightful, and practical, and relates to students like friends. I was really able to internalize what I learned in this class and get to a much deeper level with my work and my voice as a poet. This class has been a very significant event in my writing career.

Awesome! Thanks!

Kelly Jean Egan


Hi Jane,

Julie’s Fearless Poetry class exceeded my expectations. I  I liked that she did line by line editing on my poetry. Her advice was usually short and to the point.I enjoyed her homework assignments, though I often brought in unrelated poetry, which she was open to. I also liked the sample poems she brought in illustrating the different techniques she talked about and the assignments that went along with them.What I most appreciated was that Julie tried to help me make my poem better rather than trying to make me write a different poem. I wouldn’t have changed anything about the class. It was perfect.

Eric Robertson


Hi Jane,

The Fearless Poetry class met and exceeded my expectations.  I was nervous about jumping into a class with a New-Yorker published poet, especially since I finally ‘fessed up to poetry being my one true writing love.  Julie was approachable, welcoming, and encouraging while being helpfully critical of our work. This was a beginning class for me, so it was just a foothold on a steep learning curve. Which is great.

I liked the format of the class — homework assignments and then class discussion of the results.  I’m not against in-class writes, but I felt that I got a lot more out of the class than I have in some classes where time was spent doing in-class writes.  The format also made this class feel more like a grad-school workshop, which I enjoyed.

I’ve taken several Writing Salon classes and my experiences have been EXCELLENT in all ways, especially the knowledgeable, generous instructors (and fearless leader, you!)

Margaret Murray


Hello Jane,

I told Julie how much I enjoyed her “Fearless Poetry Workshop” and I wanted to share it with you.  I look forward to seeing everyone and hearing their poetic voices.  Julie has been the greatest support and the greatest teacher in the editing process.  I only experience support from her.  The work we do is always how to make our voices stronger or truer.  Never a “no”, always a redirection.  It is subtle and powerful.  I never thought I would be able to write “on command”  and surprised myself by being able to do just that.  I have signed up for the six month course and feel so lucky that it was offered at just the right time for me.  Your place is such a gem.

Marilynn Meisenheimer


Thank you so much for creating a safe space [Julie Bruck’s Fearless Poetry Workshop] in which to share poetry. I appreciate Julie’s gentle honesty and rigorous reading of my writing. It was a big leap for me to put my work out there and I’m so glad I did. I feel connected to a small group of writers and one fabulous poet/teacher.

I will try to move my Monday night commitment so I can join you again, if not this Spring, then in the Fall.

With gratitude,



Just a quick note to tell you how good Julie Bruck’s Fearless Poetry class was. I took her Bootcamp last summer and was looking forward to a longer class with her. I thoroughly enjoyed the five week class in March. Even though I had to miss one session I was able to participate by emailing her the assignment for that day which she took to the group and consolidated the feedback for me. Over the course of the class each person’s distinctive voice emerged in the various assignments.

I will probably sign up for her next series. . .

. . .I’ve been so pleased with all the classes and the instructors I’ve met at The Writing Salon. You do find wonderful people to teach these classes and I’m always happy to recommend them to friends.

Jeanne Dorward


The poetry bootcamp was fantastic! Julie is energetic, kind and honest–a wonderful teacher. I
liked her style so much that I came home yesterday and immediately signed up for the Monday night poetry workshop that she’s teaching soon. It was a great experience and helped me rekindle the fire.

Elizabeth Perry


Just a quick note to say how fun Julie’s Fearless Poetry Bootcamp class was. Having never attended such a class, I found it challenging, thought provoking, and fun. Julie did not make me think. She empowered me with insight on how to think. Very cool with a way cool instructor!

Gary Wood, Graduate (I think I did  🙂  ) of February 10th class


Dear Jane
I wanted to tell you what a inspiring time I have had going to Julie’s classes. She is a warm and generous teacher and I always look forward to my Thursday nights with her and the energized group. She brings with such depth and love of words and I am eager to take more classes with her in the future.
The space is warm and inviting and feels safe to share food and poems.
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