Dear Jane,

Josh Mohrmanages to give super-supportive enthusiastic encouragement and precise, practical, advice. The double word score! I learned so much, read all kinds of instructive stuff that I would never have otherwise encountered, and got constructive suggestions for more things to do. I’ve also gotten renewed motivation to write.

Josh is a fabulous teacher. Have him teach more classes!

Anna Williams

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed Joshua Mohr’s class. Thank you for offering such a lovely space and a great teacher.



I just finished a class with Josh Mohr. This is my first ever writing class and he was a fantastic instructor. He worked within the level of each of his students, he was encouraging and at the same time challenged us. As I was nervous about the class it meant a lot to me that he never made anyone feel that anything they said or wrote was poor. I think Josh is an excellent instructor and has a great way about him in getting ideas and concepts across.

Marsha Evans

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