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Testimonials for Jess

Many families have fascinating pasts driven by courageous ancestors and wise elders—great material for either biography or historical fiction. Have you inherited letters or diaries? Have you heard a story at Thanksgiving that is just begging to be written? How do you go from items in the attic to fully-realized characters on the page? Could adding a fictional character increase the thematic clarity of the project?

Instructor Jess Wells says, “We will work with some of the powerful writing and storytelling techniques to craft either fact-based biography, fictive biography, or historical fiction. And if you have already started a project, we’ll help you untangle your plot or bring verve to your language.”

Jess Wells is the author of thirteen volumes of work, including the novel A Slender Tether on the early years of Christine de Pizan, a pioneering thinker of the 14th century French court; and the novel The Mandrake Broom, dramatizing the fight to save medical knowledge during the witch-burning times in Europe (1465-1540). Wells is the winner of a San Francisco Art Commission Grant for Literature and a four-time finalist for the national Lambda Literary Award. Her work is included in dozens of anthologies and literary journals.
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