I don’t know what I would do without the Round Robin. For me it is a great invention right up there with Post-it Notes, Velcro, ATM’s and on-line banking.

Dale Bentson


Hi Jane!

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks with family here and working overtime, but even in the midst of all this activity, where once I might have said “I don’t have time to write,” I am now finding it. Because there is a daily commitment and a partner on the other end, I am somehow finding the 20 minutes to sit down here and write something. That is invaluable. Amazing.

I signed up because I feel I need that kind of structure. It’s enough of one to hold me to the commitment and I look forward to sitting down here each day. I am feeling more comfortable just writing the day’s piece. I always feel better after I sit down and write. Uplifted. Lighter. Satisfied, even if I didn’t think the piece was that great, just doing it seems to shift the energy inside of me.

I am enjoying the feedback and considering working on some of the writes to lengthen them, based on that feedback. My partners have been encouraging and positive and I appreciate it.

It feels good to have this daily rhythm, and I find my resistance has almost disappeared. If it does crop up, it is easily broken through, it seems.

Having this Round Robin is like being a seed and being surrounded by all the right growing conditions. Thank you.

Sarah Scott



I have to tell you how much FUN I’ve had over the past 4 days with the beginning of the Round Robin session. I knew I’d enjoy it, but honestly, I had no idea. I can’t wait for the week ahead!

Margaret Miner


Hi Jane,

“…I’ve been doing the Round Robin writes daily, except for the week I went cross country, when I slacked off and wrote 15,000 words on the journey instead (har har). This says to me that I have more focus than I sometimes think, and that if I could just come up with a project that had as much gratification as these writes, I’d be unstoppable. This doesn’t mean I’ve come up with the project, but it makes the possibility seem greater.

And I really enjoy being in touch with others writing on a daily basis on the same topic. It reminds me of the infinite number of delightful ways there are to say something about anything.”

Will Walker


“. . .This skill building is valuable…it has stimulated my thinking and gets me motivated to improve the sensual aspect of my style. I have enjoyed constructive feedback. It confirms my awareness about my flighty story telling and the lack of tangible details. . .

Thanks for doing this Round Robin, Jane. It is revealing that without an ‘assignment’ or a ‘partner’ my writing gets pushed aside. I have to strengthen my resolve to write for me…and to set up my own priorities and goals. With more time under my belt doing these exercises, I am hoping that ‘muscle (mental)’ memory will kick in….”

Anna Leightman


Dear Jane,

One of the most useful things about the Round Robin has been knowing that my partner is there, waiting for my work each day. I know she’s not really sitting around, checking her email obsessively until my write appears, but I feel like I have an obligation to do the work because she’s expecting it. I’ve been surprised how successful that little fiction has been to motivate me!

The short timing of the writes has been immensely helpful, too. You’re right: everyone can find 10 minutes to write every day. If I simply commit to that, I often find myself doing more. It also gives me a great deal of comfort to know that after my writing is done for the day, I don’t have to beat myself up over every moment I don’t spend thinking about writing. I can relax and focus on the other things that need my attention.”

Loren Rhoads


As tiring as it can be to write every day — on top of everything else that needs to happen in a day — I’m grateful for the Round Robin providing the excuse to carve out the time, whether inspired or not, engaged in the process or resisting it, tired or energized. I’ve found that some of my own writes that I’ve liked best came as a result of my being tired or resistant, throwing whatever occurred to me on the page with little concern of whether it made sense or not. This was informative to me, this idea of not needing to be “inspired” to write, that something, regardless, will come out of the process.

I’m grateful for my many great RR partners, for the wonderful worlds they (and everyone, in the compilations) opened in their writes and for their encouraging feedback. And of course, thanks to Jane, for dreaming up this concept and for her dedication to it.

Until the next Round Robin…

M. Murray


This was third RR. The group is my Sherpa. A Sherpa doesn’t do the heavy work. I have to do that. I carry my own heavy pack, rain or shine.  The Sherpa merely leads the way up the mountain.  I put one foot in front of the other, ignoring my aching back, my yawning, and many aches and pains and other weaknesses. I keep following the Sherpa..–E. McCarth


This was my second Round Robin and, as others have said, I also found it even more fulfilling than the first round. This time, it taught me things I was not aware of the first time. For one thing, it taught me to read my partner’s work more closely and carefully, and it helped me be more nuanced and real with my comments and reflections.
It found it easier this time around to write, as well. It was almost as though something lifted and I could just put down what came to mind, and shape my thoughts into words more easily.
In addition, I have become committed to the process of writing every day and that seems to be the best outcome. So I will be signing up again and I look forward to seeing you all there.

For ten minutes every day I was able to live in a world without mistakes. I was able to be less self-conscious. I was able to reflect, to imagine, to create. It is a very different place than where I spend the rest of my 24 hours; yet somehow they started to intertwine. I started to notice themes that came up in my writing- struggles with impermanence, a need for order- even when playing with fiction. My day as a palliative care physician has become a new norm. It was wonderful to step outside of this norm and realize it’s not actually normal. It was nice to play. I want to keep writing. I will keep writing if for no other reason than it makes me happy. Thank you wonderful partners! Thank you Jane!



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