Dear Jane,

I woke up this morning in Palm Springs at 5:30 to catch a 7:00 flight and be at my desk in Mountain View by 9:30. I just got home from work now, exhausted but not too tired to check my home email to see what’s up with my writing buddies, mentors, contacts, (and now what looks like editors and publishers!) — the secret world you and the Writing Salon opened to me. Please do take some credit. If I hadn’t stumbled across the Writing Salon in an article in the Chronicle a couple years ago, I’d still be wondering ‘what if,’ which is so against my nature. Instead, I feel like fate-willing, I’ll be writing my way through my forties, my fifties, my sixties, and maybe even when I’m “Nearing Ninety.” It’s all because of you. You couldn’t have a bigger fan of the challenging, patient, generous, and valuable work you do. Thank you so much!


PS: That sure does read like a testimonial, so if you need one, feel free to use, cut, paste, etc.

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