Saturday, 10 am-4 p.m. San Francisco
$95 members/$110 non-members
(this class is not currently scheduled)

Does writing about sex make you blush? Or are you unabashedly hot to trot but don’t know quite where to start or when to stop? Whatever the reasons, if you’re having a hard time writing believable sex scenes, then this is the class for you.

We’ll show you how to seduce your readers by undressing your characters, exposing their vulnerabilities, and telling all about the wild nights that they’ll never forget.

“For any kind of story to be compelling, you need to get naked in your writing,” says instructor Marilyn Friedman. “Don’t hold back!  It’s the steamy details that will create intrigue and make your story irresistible. Readers want to know all about your characters’ fantasies, secrets, and sexual conquests.  Full disclosure is a turn on.”

Marilyn’s stimulating writing prompts and steamy craft talk will help you concoct scenes so vivid and authentic that your stories and poems will stand out (or up). Class will also include samples of erotic literature, sans pictorals, including work by Sharon Olds, Dorriane Laux, and Ron Koertge. NOTE TO RETURNEES: Marilyn is bringing all new writing prompts, so come on back for another round!

You can use this workshop to create a titillating Valentine’s Day poem for your lover (or yourself), or to write a knock ’em dead sex scene for your book, screenplay, or short story. By the end of class, you’ll have teased out several pieces that channel your inner Anais Nin or D.H. Lawrence.

And oh yes, you’ll also be treated to an especially decadent snack, offered at this workshop only!

Marilyn Friedman is the founder and lead instructor at Writing Pad, a writing school in Los Angeles. She has taught writing in the Bay Area and Los Angeles for the past seven years, including classes at Walt Disney Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, and the Southern California Writers Conference. Her erotic poetry has been published in Pearl, Squaw Valley Review, California Quarterly, Karamu, and The Great American Poetry Show. She has performed poetry and memoir at Taboo Tales, Tongue and Groove, Chi Chi’s Word Parlor, and Love Your Body Day. Marilyn has also written articles on love and dating for She has a BA in English and Writing from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and a Master’s Degree from Boston University.

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