I’d like to thank you personally for the perspective-rich session at the Writing Salon in SF this month, as well as the benefit of your brilliantly distilled experience in “Will Write for Food.”

Rather than feeling discouraged by my lack of credentials, I’ve come away energized with the possibilities of new – and focused – directions. About the form of the project (considering a memoir with recipes complementing the anecdotes). About the mode of (self) publication. About marketing the publication.

I’d say you are as gifted a teacher as you are a writer. When I have a draft, I hope you will allow me to engage you for some editing advice. I have no doubt it will be as insightful – and encouraging – as your teaching and writing.

Thank you again.
-Susanna Mould

Hello Dianne,

Your food writing class was absolutely wonderful. You are extremely knowledgeable. I also really enjoyed the guest speaker. It added a well-balanced perspective to the great information you gave us.

The different components made the class very professional. I feel like I got my money’s worth and more.

The writing exercises were inspiring. I did not expect such diversity.

I particularly enjoyed the history facts, the variations in book styles, and your knowledge on the wide range of food careers one can participate in.

Thank You!! Excellent Job.

Saeeda Hafiz
Natural Foods Consultant and Certified Yoga Instructor



Dear Dianne,

Thank you again for the opportunity to learn about Food Writing. I cannot speak more highly of the class. I found your book and teaching style to be very informative and engaging. I learned more than I could imagine from the other students. The format of your classes was perfect. I think starting with a review of the writing assignments and then moving onto the new content was just right… You have had a profound impact on my awareness of food writing and appreciation of the skill set needed to succeed in this specialized writing arena. I look forward to receiving the quarterly newsletter.

Thank you very much. You are an outstanding teacher. I recommend your class to all interested in the world of food writing.

Many thanks sincerely,



Hi Jane,

I just wanted to comment on the food writing class I took with Dianne Jacobs earlier this summer.

Dianne provided great insight into the food world in the class and in her great book. I feel that with the book by my side I can further consider if and how to make the jump into food writing, and I never felt equipped to do so beforehand.

Thank you for the great classes you offer at the Writing Salon.

Melinda Wright


I just wanted to let you know that Dianne Jacob was an extraordinary instructor – interesting to hear but, more importantly, interested in all of her students. She truly wanted to make the experience as meaningful as possible for the students and frequently solicited input so that she could make the classes as productive as possible.

Based upon my experience in Dianne’s food writing class at the Writing Salon, I would readily sign up for another of her classes and because it was held at The Writing Salon, I would consider taking another class there.

Sue Steinhauer


Dear Dianne,

I really enjoyed myself Saturday. I’ll definitely be attending more classes…

As a total neophyte when it comes to food writing, I found just about everything informative, even the recipe construction/deconstruction. I found the writing exercises the most enjoyable, however. In the recent past, I’ve felt that my creativity fell out of an open window somewhere. Activities like yours help me to realize that it hasn’t entirely left me. . . I liked the fact that you didn’t force us all to read our writing samples. Some people in the group seemed hesitant about reading aloud what they’d written. Of course, there are always the more obnoxious people like me who will take the stage any chance they can get. Thanks for humoring me…

And thanks for the Baker’s Dozen info. I will most definitely be joining.

If I missed anything, let me know. I enjoy giving feedback.

Michael Procopio


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