David was a great facilitator with a very positive, generous spirit that cultivated the same in the students. His suggestions for development, of the specific pieces under consideration, and for us generally as writers, were thoughtful, insightful, eloquent, and inspiring.

I intend to take this same 9-week course again as soon as possible, and hope very little will change. David was very good at seamlessly introducing topics of craft and style into the workshop process.

I gained a great deal of self-knowledge about my writing style and how it reads to others. Significantly increased confidence to share my work. And two decent story drafts!

Erin Wolthausen


As a novice writer, I didn’t know what to expect from David’s 9-week fiction workshop. And what I took away from the class was invaluable. I learned a great deal fiction writing and received some direct hands-on encouragement on how to make my writing better.

The element of the class that was especially helpful for me was workshopping my work as well as reading and offering feedback on other class members’ works. As the weeks progressed, I found I was a better reader, and more importantly, the feedback I received was constructive, encouraging and motivational. David did an excellent job at folding in concepts he had presented during the class through commenting on the writing we were workshopping.

David’s gentle manner in leading the class was spot-on. He is approachable, encouraging, challenging, honest and authentic.I’ve gained a lot more motivation to continue writing!

Thank you!
David Ferguson

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