Kate Montgomery: Intro to Screenwriting: Take the Leap!

Katie Montgomery Screenwriting

Five Saturdays, May 14 – June 18, 2-4:30pm  San Francisco
Skip May 28
$215 members/$245 others    Cancellation/Refund Policy
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“Let’s face it, you’re already in the film business—you’ve seen more movies than you can count. And if you’re reading this, then you’ve also thought about writing one yourself. The industry is rapidly expanding and there’s more demand now than ever before for good screenwriters. But where to begin? How do you make your investment in time and study pay off?”

In this beginners class, Kate will introduce you to screenwriting basics such as story structure, character development (including how to create a truly compelling protagonist), and how to be “sneaky” with exposition. “We’ll also look at three crucial elements that every screenplay contains,” says Kate, “questions, conflicts and turning points . . . and their timing.”

The class will be a mix of lecture/discussion, film clips, writing exercises, and improv exercises. Kate will provide a safe, encouraging environment where you’ll begin to explore the screenwriting process, find your voice, and get yourself on the path to completing scripts that work.

“I began writing scripts while still working full-time in the corporate world,” says Kate. “I took the leap you’re now considering. I gave myself permission to learn the process, and then sat down and started writing the stories that I wanted to see on the screen. After all, if you hope to entertain anyone, you may as well start by entertaining yourself!”

Kate Montgomery wrote, directed and produced the Sundance indie feature Christmas in the Clouds, which won top honors at festivals in Austin, Santa Fe, Vancouver, Philadelphia and Ft. Lauderdale, and endorsements from Oprah Winfrey & Roger Ebert. She executive produced the micro-indie, Ever Since the World Ended, which won at the SF Indie Fest and the London Sci-Fi Film Festival. She has optioned & sold screenplays to producers and studios in the US, Canada and UK, and works for hire as a script editor and production consultant. Her current feature projects include the Italian romantic comedy Pane Vine, and the western Stealing Lily, for which she also wrote the adaptation. She has taught screenwriting to first & second year film students at the Weengushk Film Institute, where participants developed original stories from concept to camera-ready scripts.

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