Alison Luterman: The Art of Resistance Writing

Alison_Banner5 Saturdays, August 19 – September 23 (skip September 2), 2-4:30pm  Berkeley
$275 members/$295 non-members

Testimonials for Alison    

“In the face of the current political reality, many of us want to raise our voices in a way that is not just enraged or pedantic but also artful,” says instructor Alison Luterman. “We, too, want to read works of literature that speak to us in our hour of need, that guide us through our own roiling emotions and the chaos in our political landscape.”

This five-week class will provide a vibrant and encouraging space for you to raise your voice and savor writing that, as Kafka says, “cracks the frozen sea within us.” You will explore several key elements in the art of resistance writing, including radical empathy and the power of point of view. You will learn how writers like James Baldwin, Carolyn Forche, and George Saunders use craft, voice, and imagination to put themselves in the shoes of the outsider, the misfit, or even, as Baldwin does, the antagonist.

“During in-class writing exercises and weekly homework assignments, we will strive to push past our own limitations and biases and, in expressing them, transcend them,” says Alison. “We will learn how to create artful resistance writing that doesn’t judge but observes and describes and explores. Come prepared to read, write, think, feel, and talk!”

Alison Luterman has been shamelessly telling tales from her own life ever since she could grip a sweaty pencil. She has published essays in The Sun, Modern Love, L.A. Review, Radiance, Response, The East Bay Express, The Boston Phoenix and Salon. She has also written an e-book of essays entitled Feral City, about midlife domestication, remarriage, and second chances (available from SheBooks). Alison is also the author of three books of poetry: The Largest Possible LifeSee How We Almost Fly, and Desire Zoo. Last but not least, she writes plays, including Saying Kaddish With My Sister, Glitter and Spew, and a musical, The Chain. Visit her website for more details.

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