Busting through Writer’s Block

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Writer’s block.  It’s the curse of even the most experienced writer and stops beginners before they’ve even put a word on the page.  We may believe that we want to write, but instead we find ourselves rearranging the spice rack, repainting the kitchen, sorting our sock drawer.  Or perhaps we do actually get down a few sentences, but we don’t like what we’ve written or even if we do, we don’t think anyone else will be interested in what we have to say.  Or we just feel uninspired, in need of an infusion of energy.

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Elaine Beale: Intro to Creative Writing, Novel Writing, Inspiring the Muse & More!

Hi Jane and Elaine,

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for Elaine’s “Intro to Creative Writing” class. In five short weeks, I moved from writing bad journal entries to developing short scenes with fully imagined characters. I call that progress!

Thanks for creating a safe and inviting place to learn and write Elaine.

Best wishes,



WOW! Elaine, thank you. I just downloaded your edits and I so appreciate the time and thought that went into your feedback. You’re awesome! I have really enjoyed this class and I very much appreciate you. I feel like I got a college semester in just these five week sessions.

I signed up for your one day in May, and look forward to learning more as I go. Thank you so much for your time and effort. I got way more than I ever expected when I signed up with Writing Salon.

See you later,


Dear Elaine,

Thank you for teaching two incredible workshops this Spring.  I admire your dedication to your craft and to your students.  You were supportive, insightful, inspiring, and creative throughout, and you’ve reignited my passion for reading and writing.

 Take good care,


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