Jay Ridler: Write Fast, Write Furious! & Writing from the Heart

Dear Jane,

Jason’s class, “Writing from the Heart,” far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was inspiring, and helped me to overcome fears and connect with my emotions in an uninhibited way.

I particularly enjoyed Jason’s personality and his clear devotion to teaching and writing. His passion and his willingness to be vulnerable and humorous helped me and all of us to feel uninhibited and free to take risks.

His enthusiasm was contagious. I felt that it gave my writing and desires to write a real boost. Although the other writers were focused on fiction, I felt that my non-fiction work was honored. I would love to work with Jason again.

Justin Hecht


I always appreciate when people deep into their writing journey are generous with sharing what they’ve learned. Jay is exactly that kind of teacher.  He’s funny, wise, and kind, eager to help his students move through the more sticky aspects of the practice (and business) of writing.

This class gave me fresh ways of dropping in and looking at material that had previously felt too raw, boring, or disjointed. Through the in-class exercises and take-home assignments, I was amazed to find that there really was a richness that I hadn’t been tapping into before.  I felt like Jay gave us free reign to write about what in essence had been moving us to write all along. It was an exciting discovery process, and my classmates and I formed close connections watching each others’ stories unfold as a result.

By the end of the class, I had a much better sense of where I’d like to go with my work in the future. The whole thing was like an exercise in not ‘shoulding’ on yourself– which I think most writers would be so grateful to learn! Jay doesn’t promise that writing is an easy road, but he’s very real about sharing some practical wisdom that can increase your longevity and love of the craft along the way.  I seriously can’t say enough great things about this class! Jay is really onto something here, and it’s deep.

– Joanna


Hi Jane- “Writing from the Heart” was definitely the most intense Writing Salon class I have taken. Be prepared to mine the deepest depths of all your emotional traumas! Jay had razor sharp insights into everyone’s writing and was very prepared with all kinds of supplemental sources.

thanks so much, Andrea


Jay is an inspiring teacher. Quick thinker and supportive teacher. I like his wit and honesty. Highly recommended.

C.J. Singh


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