Show a Lot, Tell a Little – Creative writing in a nutshell!

Saturday, Oct. 16th, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. San Francisco
$95 members/$110 non-members

Attention: This class is no longer available. Sorry.


In just about any writing class, you will hear these words: “Show don’t tell!” But how do you do that?  “Ground your readers in their senses,” says Jane Underwood. “Run from abstractions, straight into the arms of all that is concrete — peaches, hurricanes, airplane roars, empty drawers, itching wounds.

During this day of sensory exploration, we’ll explore ways to come up with juicy images and details — descriptions that dance and breathe, scenes that taste and smell, characters that sing and shout, stories that are soft as the nape of a baby’s neck…or hard as a tack.

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Kathy Garlick: Daily Write June “Round Robin”

June 4 – June 25
3 weeks of daily online activity (facilitated by Kathy Garlick)
$85 members/$95 others

“The more you use your writing muscles,” said Jane Underwood, founder of The Writing Salon and creator of Round Robin, “the more you tone and strengthen them. In the Round Robin, you practice writing every day, just as piano students practice scales and swimmers do laps. The only difference is that the Round Robin is more fun.”

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Revision Play Day

jane502Sunday, March 7th, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.     San Francisco
$95 members/$110 non-members  register_off-70x18

“Writing a rough first draft often feels more like play than work,” says Jane Underwood. “The words flow or even burst out, and you can be swept up in the thrill of simply getting something, anything down onto paper.

“Revision, on the other hand, tends to come in fits and starts, and to many beginners (or even pros!) feels more like work than play. But if you want to be a serious writer, you’ve got to rise to the revision challenge. You must go back and add more. Or, conversely, go back and subtract. You also have to think about things like order and structure and, god forbid, what you’re really trying to say. The list goes on. Your revision options are so numerous they can be downright daunting. But guess what: it doesn’t have to be that way. Revision can be pleasurable, exciting, and even fun. Yep, fun.

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