Writing Funny with Stan Sinberg

Stan had a deep, credible background in humor writing and so had a lot to impart. I learned a tremendous amount about the structure and tools for developing humorous pieces.  I found his formal understanding of what works and doesn’t work with humor writing, how to approach pieces, the most helpful.  I enjoyed the examples that he offered to explain his theories and points. There were so many moments in the class that made me laugh, it made  it fun.

David Nelson-Gal

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Writing Funny For Blogs, YouTube or…What’s That Other Thing? – PRINT! (And Getting Paid For It, Too!)

Five Saturdays, June 1st-29th, 2-4:30 pm
$215 members/$245 others      Berkeley

Has anyone ever told you that you’re funny and that “You should write that stuff down?” No? Then maybe you shouldn’t take this class.  But if the answer is “Yes,” or you’re convinced you’re surrounded by humorless numbskulls who wouldn’t recognize a punch line if it hit them in the ‘nads, then come on down!

In this class you’ll learn how to come up with funny premises “on demand,” where to get humorous ideas (I have the secret email address), how to inject humor in “serious” pieces, a half-dozen formulas for writing jokes, and how to apply these tools whether you’re writing for a magazine, blog, or making a YouTube video.

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