Jenny Pritchett: Intro to Creative Writing – Having Fun with the Fundamentals

jennypritchettFive Tuesdays, April 12 – May 10, 7-9:30pm   Berkeley
$215 members/$245 others   Cancellation Policy
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COMBO SPECIAL: Intro to Creative Writing + Screenwriting

Think you want to write, but not sure where to start? “Good news,” says Jenny Pritchett, “all you have to do is show up to class!” In this fun, fast-paced class for beginners, you’ll use your own experiences and observations — your unique movement through the world — as jumping-off points to investigate all types of writing: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, memoir, humor, essays and more. “We’ll address the intersection of reality and imagination,” says Jenny, “with a little reading, weekly writing exercises, handouts and discussion to get your pens (and brains!) flexing.

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Jenny Pritchett: Flash Fiction: When Less Is More

jennypritchett5 Saturdays, Feb. 27-March 26, 10:30 a.m to 1 p.m   Berkeley
$215 members/$245 others   Cancellation/Refund Policy
Student Testimonials

Class Cancelled

You’ve heard it called plenty of things: flash fiction, micro-fiction, the short-short story, prose poems. But what is this delicious, quirky art form, and how do you create it?

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