Sunday Salon “Shot-in-the-Arm” Write-a-Thons

Sunday, March 10th, 10:30 am-1 pm  $25 members/$35 others  
San Francisco

Can’t commit to a five- or nine-week class right now? Not even a 10 to 4 Saturday intensive? That’s okay, good things can come in even smaller packages. So…once a month, we’re going to offer a “mini-write-a-thon” where all you have to commit to is a 2.5-hour session of writing & sharing, (plus reading either one mini-handout or listening to a quick writing tip or two from your shot-dispenser, Jane Underwood).

“Expect to do around one-and-a-half hours of in-class writing,” says Jane. “I’ll give out specific writing exercises and prompts to anyone who wants them, or you can just plop yourself down and write whatever you feel like writing. The point is for everyone to write!  To actually DO IT. Some people will come precisely because they want to be sparked, inspired or challenged by the exercises. Others will trek over because they know they won’t get any writing done otherwise — not at home, not at the beach, not even at the cafe while wearing an artsy beret and flouting the fanciest iPad.

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Revision Play Day

jane502Sunday, March 7th, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.     San Francisco
$95 members/$110 non-members  register_off-70x18

“Writing a rough first draft often feels more like play than work,” says Jane Underwood. “The words flow or even burst out, and you can be swept up in the thrill of simply getting something, anything down onto paper.

“Revision, on the other hand, tends to come in fits and starts, and to many beginners (or even pros!) feels more like work than play. But if you want to be a serious writer, you’ve got to rise to the revision challenge. You must go back and add more. Or, conversely, go back and subtract. You also have to think about things like order and structure and, god forbid, what you’re really trying to say. The list goes on. Your revision options are so numerous they can be downright daunting. But guess what: it doesn’t have to be that way. Revision can be pleasurable, exciting, and even fun. Yep, fun.

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Jane Underwood: The Daily Write “Round Robin”


I don’t know what I would do without the Round Robin. For me it is a great invention right up there with Post-it Notes, Velcro, ATM’s and on-line banking.

Dale Bentson


Hi Jane!

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks with family here and working overtime, but even in the midst of all this activity, where once I might have said “I don’t have time to write,” I am now finding it. Because there is a daily commitment and a partner on the other end, I am somehow finding the 20 minutes to sit down here and write something. That is invaluable. Amazing.

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