Junse Kim & Karen Bjorneby: Combo: Intro to Fiction & Starting Your Novel


inst-junsekKaren Bjorneby 9.4.1410 Mondays, April 11 – June 20, 7-9:30pm   San Francisco
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SPECIAL COMBO: First half: Intro to Fiction with Junse Kim; second half: Starting Your Novel with Karen Bjorneby. Ten weeks for the price of a 9-week class. This combo is ONE class when it comes to our cancellation/refund policy. Please read the policy. Thank you!


Junse Kim: Intro to Fiction – Laying the Foundation

5 Sundays, April 9 – May 7, 2-4:30pm  
$295 members/$275 non-members  
Testimonials for Junse

“We writers too often need others to tell us that our writing is good,” says instructor Junse Kim. “And this is where it all goes horribly wrong. We become impatient for praise, obsessed with completing a story before learning the basic skills we need to write it. It’s the equivalent of, say, an aspiring carpenter who has committed to building a beautiful house, yet doesn’t know how to hammer in a nail or saw a piece of wood.”

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Junse Kim: Intro to Fiction

Dear Jane,

It is my pleasure to write you to say that I was extremely impressed with the job Junse did in teaching the Intro to Fiction Writing class. He was excellent! Organized, attentive, focused, and craft-oriented. . . What he taught was a tangible, measurable skill, defining and using language that was specific and understandable–as an example, his focus on the difference between “taste” and looking at utilizing craft.

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