David Hill: Fiction Workshop and other Fiction-Related Classes

David was a great facilitator with a very positive, generous spirit that cultivated the same in the students. His suggestions for development, of the specific pieces under consideration, and for us generally as writers, were thoughtful, insightful, eloquent, and inspiring.

I intend to take this same 9-week course again as soon as possible, and hope very little will change. David was very good at seamlessly introducing topics of craft and style into the workshop process.

I gained a great deal of self-knowledge about my writing style and how it reads to others. Significantly increased confidence to share my work. And two decent story drafts!

Erin Wolthausen


As a novice writer, I didn’t know what to expect from David’s 9-week fiction workshop. And what I took away from the class was invaluable. I learned a great deal fiction writing and received some direct hands-on encouragement on how to make my writing better.

The element of the class that was especially helpful for me was workshopping my work as well as reading and offering feedback on other class members’ works. As the weeks progressed, I found I was a better reader, and more importantly, the feedback I received was constructive, encouraging and motivational. David did an excellent job at folding in concepts he had presented during the class through commenting on the writing we were workshopping.

David’s gentle manner in leading the class was spot-on. He is approachable, encouraging, challenging, honest and authentic.I’ve gained a lot more motivation to continue writing!

Thank you!
David Ferguson

David Hill: From Life to the Page – Crafting Stories from Our Own Experiences

David Hill copy1 Saturday, June 3, 10am-4pm   San Francisco   
$130 members/$145 non-members     
Testimonials for David

“Nothing needs to happen to a writer’s life after they are twenty. By then they’ve experienced more than enough to last their creative life.” – Flannery O’Connor

“Our own experiences provide us an abundance of source material for writing,” says instructor David Hill. “But where to begin? How do we identify those charged moments from our pasts, and more importantly, how do we give shape to those events on the page in a way that captures their essence and provides a dynamic and engaging literary experience?”

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Shirin Bridges: Acting Juvenile – Writing for Ages 8 to 44

Shirin Photo 9.18.155 Saturdays, August 19 – September 23 (skip September 2), 7-9:30pm  San Francisco
$275 members/$295 non-members
Testimonials for Shirin

“Juvenile” is the fastest growing fiction genre thanks to Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, and of course, good old Harry Potter. “Certainly,” says instructor Shirin Bridges, “at one writers’ conference after another, the agents have been asking for middle grade chapter books and young adult novels.”

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Michael Lukas: Starting Your Novel: Develop the Tools You’ll Need

Five Sundays, Nov. 10-Dec. 15 (skip 12/1) 2-4:30 p.m. CLOSED
$215 members/$245 others      Berkeley

Special “Combo”:  Take this 5-week class combined with the 5-week  “Intro to Fiction” class for the discounted price of one 9-week classTo get the discount, sign up for the Combo option.

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Karen Bjorneby: Starting Your Novel – Get a Foothold on Your Project

Karen Bjorneby 9.4.145 Wednesdays, August 16 – September 13, 7-9:30pm  San Francisco
$275 members/$295 non-members   
Student Testimonials

Writing a successful novel demands a lot of a writer. Novelists need to develop convincing characters, craft a gripping plot, create settings that make their story vivid, and write in a voice that makes their work unique.

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Junse Kim: Intro to Fiction – Laying the Foundation

5 Sundays, April 9 – May 7, 2-4:30pm  Berkeley  
$275 members/$295 non-members  
Testimonials for Junse

“We writers too often need others to tell us that our writing is good,” says instructor Junse Kim. “And this is where it all goes horribly wrong. We become impatient for praise, obsessed with completing a story before learning the basic skills we need to write it. It’s the equivalent of, say, an aspiring carpenter who has committed to building a beautiful house, yet doesn’t know how to hammer in a nail or saw a piece of wood.”

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Starting Your Novel – Get a foothold on your project

5 Sundays,  2-4:30 pm
$215 members/$245 others Berkeley
Testimonials for Karen

Special “Combo” Deal: Take this class together with the “Intro to Fiction” class (5 weeks plus 5 weeks, back to back) for the discounted price of one 9-week class. This discount applies only if you choose theCombo Class” option when you register, not if you sign up for the classes separately.

You want to write a novel, or you are writing a novel, but maybe you shy away from talking about it with your co-workers, neighbors or brother-in-law (you know the way he rolls his eyes and calls you a dreamer). So come to this workshop instead, where you’ll meet other people who are doing what you’re doing, or want to do. “We’ll talk about your idea, how to make sure it has enough weight to carry a novel,” say Karen Bjorneby. “We’ll talk about your character and make sure she’s so compelling we all can’t wait to find out what she’ll do next. . . Read the rest of this entry »

Fiction Classes in SF ” . . . Josh is a fabulous teacher. . .”

Dear Jane,

Josh Mohrmanages to give super-supportive enthusiastic encouragement and precise, practical, advice. The double word score! I learned so much, read all kinds of instructive stuff that I would never have otherwise encountered, and got constructive suggestions for more things to do. I’ve also gotten renewed motivation to write.

Josh is a fabulous teacher. Have him teach more classes!

Anna Williams

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