Shirin Bridges: Acting Juvenile – Writing for Ages 8 to 44

Shirin Photo 9.18.155 Saturdays, August 19 – September 23 (skip September 2), 7-9:30pm  San Francisco
$275 members/$295 non-members
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“Juvenile” is the fastest growing fiction genre thanks to Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, and of course, good old Harry Potter. “Certainly,” says instructor Shirin Bridges, “at one writers’ conference after another, the agents have been asking for middle grade chapter books and young adult novels.”

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Shirin Bridges: Children’s Picture Books; Juvenile Fiction; Getting Your Book Published

Hi Shirin,

I left your class a much better writer, bolstered to continue on this often lonely path, and most importantly with the desire to NOT GIVE UP! I struggle with motivation but I am bound to finish this thing because I do not want to live a life of regrets (also, hence why we’re moving to SoCal!). Thank you soo much for your words of wisdom, insight, really sage advice and time. You’ve been amazing! If we move back to SF, I will be sure to sign up for another one of your courses. Hopefully I run into you at a conference one of these days, too! I am aiming for that one in December! If I have a goal, maybe I’ll make some headway on this book for once!

If you know of any great writing classes in SoCal, please let me know. I find taking classes with peer review incredibly motivating! Please stay in touch and I’m sure I’ll be hitting you up for your editing services hopefully sooner than later!

Take care!


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Books to the Sky – Writing for Children

5 Weeks, 7-9:30 p.m  Berkeley
$185 members/$215 non-members

“The greatest stories we read as children still live large in our memories,” says Lindsey Alexander. “From Charlotte’s Web to Harry Potter to Where the Wild Things Are, the books we discover as children shape us, inspire us to read on, and maybe even turn us into writers.”

If you’re eager to share a story with the next generation of readers, this workshop will help acquaint you with the basics of writing for children, stoke your creative fire, and hone your writing craft. Whether you’re interested in picture books, chapter books, or young adult novels, this class will help you to begin new projects or further develop projects that you’ve already begun. Class time will be divided between craft discussions, writing exercises, and some peer critique. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the children’s book genre — the various formats, audiences, and markets for your work. We’ll also have the opportunity for a conversation and studio tour with published author and illustrator Thacher Hurd.

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