Kate Montgomery: Intro to Screenwriting: Take the Leap!

Katie Montgomery Screenwriting

Five Saturdays, May 14 – June 18, 2-4:30pm  San Francisco
Skip May 28
$215 members/$245 others    Cancellation/Refund Policy
Testimonials for Kate


“Let’s face it, you’re already in the film business—you’ve seen more movies than you can count. And if you’re reading this, then you’ve also thought about writing one yourself. The industry is rapidly expanding and there’s more demand now than ever before for good screenwriters. But where to begin? How do you make your investment in time and study pay off?”

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Keep Them Guessing: The Art of Mystery Writing (Berkeley)

Five Weeks or One Day (not currently scheduled)
$185 members/$215 others   Berkeley

Testimonials for Elaine

Mysteries are one of the most popular and diverse genres in fiction today.  They sell by the millions and hundreds of authors have established long and successful careers in mystery writing. The contemporary mystery offers immense opportunities for the creation of quirky protagonists, unusual settings, stories with social or political relevance, and even for books that put new twists on the genre or that seem to defy the demands of the genre altogether.  Nevertheless, writing a mystery demands certain key skills and a knowledge of what works in this particular area of fiction.

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Raw Writing – A class for generating new material

gennajamey2.jpg5 Weeks, 7-9:30 p.m.
$185 members/$215 non-members     Berkeley

Special Package Deal: Take this class together with the “Intro to Creative Writing” class, and receive both classes (5 weeks plus 5 weeks, back to back) for the price of one 9-week class. This discount applies only if you choose the “Intro to Creative Writing/Raw Writing ‘Combo’ option” when you register. If you register for Intro to Creative Writing separately and then decide to take Raw Writing, the discount doesn’t apply.


“Not long ago I was feeling distant and unconnected from my writing,” says instructor Jamey Genna, “trying too hard to create a finished product even before I had more than a rough beginning.  I was also encountering a lot of writing friends who were stalled in their work: novelists who had written the first 50 pages and then stopped themselves by doing constant revision; short story writers who had ideas for stories but no inspiring atmosphere or time to sit down and put pen to paper.  I decided it might be time for me to: 1) put a hold on studying craft, 2) stop revising so much, and 3) get back to generating more new material.

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Alison Luterman: Discovering Your Poetry – Uncover the Gems

alison-luterman Five Mondays, July 22-Aug. 19, 7-9:30 p.m.
$215 members/$245 others   Berkeley


“Many beginning students come to a poetry class hoping for quick critiques and suggestions for revision.  There are times when it’s right to want this, but not until you’re nearing the final draft,” says Alison Luterman.

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