Katia Noyes: Delving into the Dark Side: Dangerous Women, Bad Boys, Twisted Sisters

Saturday Nov. 2nd, 10 am to 4 pm
$95 members/$110 others     San Francisco
Student Testimonials

Want a class to help you delve into the dark side? Here’s a chance to jump into a literary mosh pit of slamming, sweaty fun. No holds barred.

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Classes with Katia Noyes

Hi Jane,

Thank you for organizing Delving into the Dark Side. This was my first Writing Salon class, and it was terrific! I would love to come back and will keep my eyes on the class offerings.

I signed up for the class with hopes that I would have new ways to access a darker voice, and my expectations were certainly met. All of the exercises were stimulating, and can be repeated. I also walked away with a great list of questions that can help me develop a character’s shadow side.

Katia was an excellent teacher on every front. She created a safe, comfortable environment. She effectively incorporated the use of different media: music to get us physically moving and writing, video, and audio book. She gave us great examples, and shared her experiences in getting into the shadow in her own writing. Activities and discussions were nicely woven together, and the day flew by. The feedback she gave was appropriate for on-the-spot writing. She encouraged us to keep going, and gave us good ideas and questions to consider. I really like that Katia had each of us share a writing goal for the next week and encouraged us to be accountable by emailing someone when we completed our goal.

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Writing Funny with Stan Sinberg

Stan had a deep, credible background in humor writing and so had a lot to impart. I learned a tremendous amount about the structure and tools for developing humorous pieces.  I found his formal understanding of what works and doesn’t work with humor writing, how to approach pieces, the most helpful.  I enjoyed the examples that he offered to explain his theories and points. There were so many moments in the class that made me laugh, it made  it fun.

David Nelson-Gal

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Descriptions Below This Point are for Classes that Have Already Begun

We are currently updating the website and will be adding more classes soon. The update will be done by June 1st, and will show classes scheduled to start in mid-July or August.

In the meantime, you can peruse the descriptions BELOW, which are for classes that began in April and May. This will give you a sense of the types and range of classes that are generally offered. Several “core” classes are offered every session. Others classes are offered regularly, but not necessarily every session.

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