Write-a-Thon: Stop Talking, Start Doing, Have Fun!

Mondays, April 22-June 24 (9 weeks) 7-9:30 pm 
$365 members/$395 others    Berkeley

Up and at ’em! It’s time. For you. To get going. Now. You’ve read about writing. You’ve thought about writing. You’ve talked about it, dreamed about it, bladdity bladdity blah. But when are you going to bite the bullet and just do it? Not merely once in a blue moon, but regularly, with — you know — some modicum of discipline and determination.  How about now? Or if not right this minute, how about Monday night, April 22nd, from 7 to 9:30 pm? Sure, it’s not easy to commit. But do it anyway. What the hell. You only live once. (And if you get more writing practice, maybe you’ll do better at avoiding clichés such a “bite the bullet,” “once in a blue moon,” “what the hell” and “you only live once.”)

Here’s how this will work: Every Monday night for nine weeks, you’ll show up at the classroom, ready to write . . . or not ready to write (the point being to show up whether you’re ready or not). You will be met at the door by a different Writing Salon teacher each week. We’ve lined up nine stellar Writing Salon teachers, each of whom will do their utmost to inspire and spur you on by providing writing prompts for you to plunge into. You won’t be writing every minute you’re there, of course. But at least half the class time will be allotted to in-class writing. The rest will be for sharing snippets of what you’ve written (although not for feedback or critique).

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Ruth Schwartz: Turn Your Hard-Won Wisdom into a Self-Help or Personal Growth Book

Saturday, July 20th: 10 am to 4 pm
$95 members/$110 others   Berkeley
Student Testimonials


Do you have wisdom to share with the world – about how you survived an illness, healed from heartbreak or abuse, became a better step-parent, found love later in life, or otherwise learned, grew and overcame obstacles?

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Katia Noyes: Full-Tilt Prose: Let Your Sentences Soar!

Five Saturdays, Aug. 17-Sept. 21 (skip Aug. 31) 2-4:30 pm
$215 members/$245 others   
San Francisco
Student Testimonials


“They scarcely spoke all day. His father rode sitting forward slightly in the saddle, holding the reins in one hand about two inches above the saddlehorn. So thin and frail, lost in his clothes.

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So You’re Thinking about Getting an MFA: Mini-Intensive

Saturday Feb. 16: 10 am to 4 pm and Sunday Feb. 17: 10:30 am to 1 p.m. ($135 members/$150 others)   San Francisco

According to Poets & Writers, there are over three hundred graduate writing programs in North America; the Bay Area alone is home to six. These numbers underscore the fact that many writers now consider getting an MFA to be a necessary step in their artistic and professional development. Given the significant personal and financial investment involved in pursuing an MFA, potential applicants could greatly benefit from an insider’s perspective to help them decide whether an MFA is really the right choice. This two-day mini-intensive is designed to provide exactly that.

Drawing from their first-hand experience, as well as recently published books and articles, Lisa Abellera and Vicente Viray will demystify the MFA experience, offering a clear, candid perspective on such topics as:

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