Writing Children’s Picture Books “Combo” Class

Jan. 20-March 24 (10 weeks total: Writing Children’s Picture Books #1:  Jan. 20-Feb. 17 followed by Writing Children’s Picture Books #2: Feb. 24-March 24)  7-9:30 pm     $365 members/$395 others   San Francisco



Note: This is a special discounted class (essentially two 5-week classes for the price of one 9-week class). The discount applies only if you register for this “combo” option. It cannot be applied retroactively, ie. if you take the first class and then decide, later on, to take the second class.

Writing Children’s Picture Books: More than Just Child’s Play #2

March 3-March 31 (5 weeks) 7-9:30 pm 
$215 members/$245 others   San Francisco

Note: You can also take this class in combination with Shirin’s Writing Children’s Picture Books #1: Writing Children’s Picture Books “Combo” class.

For those who have a completed picture book manuscript ready for workshopping, or for those who have completed  Writing Children’s Picture Books: More than Just Child’s Play #1, this course focuses on hands-on writing and editing.

“We’ll roll up our sleeves and really get to work, using the class as an  instant writers’ group with the added benefit of some formal structure,” says Shirin Yim Bridges. “Every participant will get the opportunity to  share their work several times, and to benefit from the support,  encouragement, and considered critiques of their classmates—and from me, a working children’s editor and publisher.”

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“Combo” Class: Write-a-Thon and GRAPHIC NOVEL CLASS

Jan. 21-March 25 (1st 5 weeks, Write-a-Thon led by multiple teachers, and 2nd 5 weeks, Graphic Novel Class led by Erich Origen) 7-9:30 pm   $365 members/$395 others  Berkeley

Note: Discount applies only if you sign up for this “combo”option. It’s fine to sign up for the first class and later decide to take the other one, but the discount applies only to the combo option.)

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