Journaling and/or Poetry Classes with Ben Jackson

Marielle Berg and 3/14/13:

Dear Ben,

I just wanted to let you know personally that the way you showed up with your quiet enthusiasm, gentle eagerness and patient openness made for a really great learning experience for a first-time writer like myself.

“As someone new to writing, I found your journaling class to be the perfect introduction to help me access my creative self. The class was well paced, with useful in-class discussions and writing exercises. Ben took a genuine interest in each of us and was skilled at helping newbies like myself and the more seasoned writers in the class.”

Meilee Tan 1/16/13:

“My short stint with you and the class was most inspiring and it opened up my vistas to what is possible in writing for pleasure and what I can do with my accumulated journals — a project in the making!”

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Patricia Cotter: Playwriting 101 & Writing Musicals

This was my first ever Writing Salon class! I had no idea what to expect.

First of all, Patricia is a phenomenal teacher with a wealth of knowledge and advice she’s also warm, smart and funny! I was honored to meet everyone and listen to some truly inspirational stories. It was surprising and compelling to see how open and honest people were. People shared their darkest moments, and gave themselves permission to open their hearts and souls to a room full of strangers. Powerful stuff indeed!

Having never written a play before, I learnt so much from just one day, structure, pacing, format, character development etc. I really did not want it to end. I walked away, inspired, motivated, enriched and all fired up to write. I wrote my opening scene that evening and have been writing every day since!

Thank you to everyone for a truly magical day, and special thanks to you, Patricia! I will absolutely be back for more. I can’t wait!

Hannah Kelly
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Sunday Salon “Shot-in-the-Arm” Write-a-Thons

Sunday, March 10th, 10:30 am-1 pm  $25 members/$35 others  
San Francisco

Can’t commit to a five- or nine-week class right now? Not even a 10 to 4 Saturday intensive? That’s okay, good things can come in even smaller packages. So…once a month, we’re going to offer a “mini-write-a-thon” where all you have to commit to is a 2.5-hour session of writing & sharing, (plus reading either one mini-handout or listening to a quick writing tip or two from your shot-dispenser, Jane Underwood).

“Expect to do around one-and-a-half hours of in-class writing,” says Jane. “I’ll give out specific writing exercises and prompts to anyone who wants them, or you can just plop yourself down and write whatever you feel like writing. The point is for everyone to write!  To actually DO IT. Some people will come precisely because they want to be sparked, inspired or challenged by the exercises. Others will trek over because they know they won’t get any writing done otherwise — not at home, not at the beach, not even at the cafe while wearing an artsy beret and flouting the fanciest iPad.

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