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Testimonials for Aurora Brackett

I’ve taken Aurora Brackett’s Fundamentals class twice and I wish I could just continue to hang out there. In part it’s because I feel safest calling myself a beginner, but the larger part is that it continues to be both fun and rewarding, while at the same time safe. Aurora is nurturing of the uncertain writer, continually recognizing the vibrant and original in everyone’s work, and successfully modeling that approach to her students. It’s not just platitudes, either; the thing I miss the most when not in her classes is the insightful and constructive comments she provides on specific aspects of my work. Her comments never fail to help illuminate the heart of what my words are aiming for, and motivate me to clarify and flesh out my writing experience.
Thank you, Aurora!
Sheila Meltzer
Keep Them Guessing: The Art of Mystery Writing (Berkeley)

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Testimonials for Elaine

Mysteries are one of the most popular and diverse genres in fiction today.  They sell by the millions and hundreds of authors have established long and successful careers in mystery writing. The contemporary mystery offers immense opportunities for the creation of quirky protagonists, unusual settings, stories with social or political relevance, and even for books that put new twists on the genre or that seem to defy the demands of the genre altogether.  Nevertheless, writing a mystery demands certain key skills and a knowledge of what works in this particular area of fiction.

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